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    Aquapanel interior skim coat

    Thanks I think I might give you a call. Could you email your contact details to Not sure what to do next we are awaiting more material to be delivered at present and the roof to be fixed before we do anything. Thanks.
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    Aquapanel interior skim coat

    Thanks all. Well it was going great taped it, primed it first coated by hand and yes it is a mission getting it up there it horrible to spread. Come back in the morning and the roof leaked over night take a look at pics Think they would of thought about that before we started.
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    Aquapanel interior skim coat

    Have 180m2 ceiling over a school swimming pool to do. The contractor specified aquapanel cement boards and knauf have supplied there tape, to be applied with joint filler then there primer then this interior skim that comes already knocked up in bags. Anyone used this before what's it like? It...
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    Can OCR be hand applied ?

    What depth should it be applied as it's one coat and What's the meterage per bag? Is as cost friendly as traditional mix.
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    Plastering over internal painted bricks

    Thistle bond it. Used it on a big school refurb was all painted brick to be skimmed.
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    Looking for skimming work

    May have some work in dulwich south east london float and set dm your number if interested and I'll give you a ring if we get short.
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    ordered a speed skim

    If we're on ceilings look in corner of room on pic we have a extendable pole which we attach the speedskim to and flatten off your feet and with the sf coming out you can finish it off your feet too. Just be patient with it and try different times.
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    ordered a speed skim

    I find using a speed skim helpful when on my own ill knock up 3 1/2 bags put on a good coat then go round with speedskim gives enough time to wash up then put a trowel on it wait to pick up sponge it then couple finishing trowels with your choice I prefer metal sf finishing rule then plastic for...
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    Can't beat the sun

    God I hate the sun it can make you look a right c@nt lol. Told the agent to get some sun block for the wall lol. I'm using The Plasterers Forum Mobile App
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    Sand cement lime renderers needed

    In near future require s/c/l renderer for job in woolwich 4 meters high all scaffolded. If interested send me email on with contact details and rates and I'll get back to you.
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    Labourer price

    Sounds like a plan! Cheers guys
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    Labourer price

    As in what variables sand and cement render knock up with a mixer and barrow to spot board or bucket up scaffold wash up after us? Must have cscs card as required by site. I was thinking around 50 - 60a day is that a fair price??
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    Thinking going ltd

    Thanks for your advice stoking as sole trader at moment and will get employers liability to employ staff if required thanks
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    Labourer price

    Hi guys some advice not used a labourer for ages as me and father in law work it together but were in need of one for a rendering job were doing what's a lab look for these days on a day work rate??
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    Thinking going ltd

    Been a sole trader for ages thinking going ltd as been offered couple contracts direct cut out middle man anyone got any advice and experiences going ltd?
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    eagle grip straight edge

    The eagle grips take some getting use to and if you get greedy ruling off there a pain to scrape off we first made a little bat to the shape of the rule to clean hard wall off after ruling. After couple weeks went back to h section and them lovely rules you can bend on price.
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    bg added a 2nd video on there website regarding crazing using unifinish!!! hahaha

    I'm re skimming a job in Chelsea where the first two corridors where uni finished and it cracked and fell off two whole blocks of flats. Bg are paying for thistle bond it and multi now. Blaming it on the old artex that it could have nicotine and other chemicals on it. Don't think uni finish will...
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    Plasterers in Kent ill reply to email with my number. Cheers
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    Plasterers in Kent

    Hi guys gang of two plasterers looking for site work in kent and south london. Both time served, cscs and public liability. Years of site experience. Need some help finding some work rung around this morning and seems no one got anything starting till end of feb start of march!! Anyone know of...
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    Weber pral m over cockle shell render

    Can you put mono straight over existing render its only about 9 Sqm of cockle shell pattern render so has a good key?
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    Looking for work in Kent

    Thanks but got a start now had ring round. Thanks though.
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    Looking for work in Kent

    2 plasterers looking for work in around Kent. Guy we been working for just been hit for £30k as one of the firms he does work for went bust and stung him and its completely ruined him. So we have till Tuesday on this job and he aint taken anything else on cause he cant pay anyone. We looking...
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    Krend on timber frame

    Surely the base coat is going to not go as far as on block I have only krend to blocks prior to this job, surely you won't get 0.5m to bag?
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    Krend on timber frame

    Pricing a krend job on a timber frame house the guys bought all the material and he has rendalath it all. It's a fiddlly one all up in Eve's, dorma windows, and wooden beams. It's about 200sqm he been quoted 35psm supply so he bought all the gear. I'm thinking 25sqm labour or day work 200 a day...
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    Advice on mono job

    I thought it was strange that he done that. Thanks for your help ill let him know your thoughts. When i went on the weber course im sure he said you had to rend aid it first. but just wanted others opinions. Cheers guys.
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    Advice on mono job

    Hi advice needed, Guy i work for had a gang spray mono on concrete block and he rubbed it up in the dark. well you can imagine what it looked like so he called them back to put it right. Anyway he put a tight coat straight over it and rubbed it up. now there is shiny smooth patches and...
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    apparently its ribbed for extra protection
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    Yeah we was talking about today and he said the last time he done it he said he would never do it again. it sounds S$%t!!!!!!!
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    got told today by the bloke i work for me and guy work with going to do roughcast. now i aint done it before and guy i work aint done it for years and years and he was his dads boy when he did. Any tips from you guys be much appreciated.
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    site agent

    Sound like mansells!!!!
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    Any truth in it?

    what prices stanmore paying these days last i heard they used cheap foreign labour skim £1.80 float and set £4 any truth.
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    Any truth in it?

    what prices stanmore paying these days last i heard they used cheap foreign labour skim £1.80 float and set £4 any truth.
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    28" plazzie

    28 is ok for finishing large areas great for boardwork ceiling. still i put on and press in with a 20" stainless and only use the plastic after sponging.
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    Plasterers wanted Medway, Broadstairs

    Get yourself a plastic snow shovel from a hardware shop you can soak them in your barrel over night keeps them clean and there light as ****
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    plasterer Kent required

    Plasterer required in Kent email
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    How to get best finish on weber mono pral m

    i have previously flattened with my 20" trowel and its come out ok just wondered if people found it better ruling and baring?
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    How to get best finish on weber mono pral m

    Doing a mono job in chalk wondered what you guys thinks the best way of doing it? do you rule it with serated feather edge? or use the h bar only? do you use two different scratchers? Where do you guys buy these tools? Feedback gratefully received.
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    Plasterers required in south east (margate/swale/ashford and surronding areas)

    Im working for a growing company and he is being swamped with work due to his good name. Currently looking for couple more gangs ideally all rounders but has large float and set jobs come in. email him on or pm me for more information.
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    new gypsum hard coat

    It looks like it drys quicker than hardwall bet it sucks like a bitch!
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    new gypsum hard coat

    have a look Gyproc Hard Coat is a gypsum based undercoat plaster for use ... on Twitpic
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    What Machine to get?

    Looking at getting a machine to pump hardwall on what do people recomend as not had one before and what price should i look to spend?
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    seen a few outside a hand car wash place on way home going to see if there chucking them begrudge paying to much for them for site work.
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    Where does everyone get there water butts from don't fancy buying one for £45 in local garden centre.
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    floating celcon blocks

    waterproofer in the hardwall mix works to but gypprime is the best
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    non suction float and magic cement sponge

    I have used the black floats on both the smaller floats are good for rendering and the large one is good for hardwall.
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    non suction float and magic cement sponge

    seen these new floats from ireland called non suction anyone used one? also seen magic cement sponges on ebay anyone used them before? Whats the finish like?
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    Sticky one !

    Little tip if you want to scrim the night before once you scrim it run a wet brush over it it seems to reactivate the glue and it will hold for day or two if scrim your using is contractor s**t. dont get the board wet before you stick it though. Or just staple it up.
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    High Standard?

    been plastering for a long time think im able enough thank you it was more a question to see what spreads do to make it look better than some other s**t slingers on sites.
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    High Standard?

    Speaking to a guy today who im trying to get on with and he kept going on it has to be to a high standard what is everyones own opinions on what High standard is?
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    new site started yesterday using browning instead of hard wall cause its cheaper!!! its on thermalite blocks to thought thistle browning was for moderate suction blocks.