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    List of prize draw entrants

    Just been playing hard to get for the last 4 years :love:
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    List of prize draw entrants

    And i'm not fussed about being in the draw... Don't wanna be called a vulture!! Just happy to donate to a great cause ! Hope you reach your target :)
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    List of prize draw entrants

    Pippa... We have flirted before
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    Sealing bare brick

    Have used linseed oil before on floor bricks before on a old gaff, just thinned it out with a bit of white spirit first. looked good, was just a bit tacky for a day or two but shouldn't be a problem with a fireplace though. A proper stone sealer will obviously also do the trick, just bloody...
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    What aspect of plastering do you enjoy most?

    Or the pants draw... I'm not sexist !!
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    Gypsum and stainless steel

    Sticks like poop to a blanket on my bloody s/s trowels !!!
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    Hello all

    Could well be olican that's why I only used to let you do be up the wrong un !!!
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    Hello all

    Hi people Thought I better introduce myself as have just posted on plasterer looking for plasterer and bound to get slated if I don't!!! Been plastering 17 yrs and took plunge couple yrs ago and went it alone.. and aint looked back!! Bury St Edmunds based, aint married but got 3 kids with her so...
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    Plasterer needed

    Hi jaywall Might be able to help if your still looking, also bury based. Post your number and shall give ya a bell. Cheers phil