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    3000 m2 hardwall Whitham Essex

    you only offered me 15 then ended up you didnt need it done cos you changed the speck and when you get pmed you dont answer back
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    spunky do you mean the centres for counter battens to fix a carrier board give a bit more info a would look at manufactureres recomendations anyway mate
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    plastine sg

    sorry monk a aint
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    Heck silcone acrlic render

    spraying texture 1.5mm tomorrow if weather is ok les doesnt want it touched with a texture float think where going to use the little pump from pft quickly so it will be like a very fine tyroleon
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    Heck silcone acrlic render

    henry a bet where its got swirls its bin put on to heavy and not bin scraped tight enough and who the **** would go for a bate stand half way down a elavation
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    no mate not mine not yet any way ha ha
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    Parex , k rend

    give me more info mate les and russ can recommend our work mate
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    there is a briggs and stratton on ebay at the moment if anybodys interested lads
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    DPC help

    like i say the true passage of dampness is threw the mortar beds
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    Ultimate plastic trowels

    where do you get these ficking trowels from have you got to be in some secret ficking society or sumick
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    thats it mate you got it
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    no just keep it back slightly when your bedding scrim in just make sure your nice and neat around beads take a soft brush or sponge and give them a wipe
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    yeah spunky a try to keep mesh as close to the top as i can. just enough to make sure the overlaps are well pushed in
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    yeah its just a tighe coat with the same material
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    second hand s44

    sorry lads weve just been down to see it and told les we will have it going to train another squad up and take over the north east ha ha chance would be a fine thing . thats also if we can find anyone to work it judging by the problems you lads are having to find guys looks like no one wants work
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    DPC help

    flynny you do get rising damp and your half right the true passage of rising damp is threw the mortar beds not brickwork thats why you inject into the mortar bed not the brick
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    rendering tools plastererdiscount

    av thought about it a few times but a dont like the idea of not knowing how much the delivery is until you have ordered the fooking stuff
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    Base coat / top coat render only

    ian we actually do it the way your on about when we are using armat novo (sto) they actually recommend you put the scrim into the top 3mm cos if you bed it into the material to deep it could crack over the top we normally stratien it all off using notched strait edges then just lightly press...
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    Insulated render

    spunky just get it on as tight as you can with your trowel and the lad behind you rubbing up should be right behind you so as quick as its getting put on you mate is rubbing it but get him also to scrape with his plastic float before he rubs it .just remember to keep wet joints all the time and...
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    weber 1 day course

    henry where you at mate if your not far from me i will come and show you for nowt mate or you could pop along to one of my jobs for a couple of hours you cant beat onsite experience mate
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    Ocr 3

    we done a shopping complex for a big company in durham city centre white panels. they didnt want the mess of scraped finish because of contact with the public and wind blowing it all over the place we used weber pral m and rubbed it up .there where no problems at all but i dont think weber...
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    Church Has been Demoted...

    in the light of what danny i dont know what you mean mate
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    Internal rendering job -

    sorry lads my fault yu see a shoudnt have stuck me nose in lol
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    good hand needed

    dilutie is someone who just picked the job up meaning not time served send me a pm paul and i will give you my number or vise versa i cover all over north east time served with nearly 30 years experience internal and external with own spray machine if required
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    Internal rendering job -

    I THINK YOU WILL FIND THAT IT CANT OR SHOUDNT BE skimmed the same day. as it may craze due to the differant propertys in cement and plaster plaster actually expands when setting and cement shrinks .
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    Universal board finish from knauf??

    its good gear lads just get it on flatten it leave it longer than bg. trowel not to much water by the way cos it will go back on you . then one more trowel job done with no tiger stripes . dead easy
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    Internal rendering job -

    normal speck is 3 to 1 for dampcourse work but never heard of eml speck before .you would normally rake out the joints to form a key the eml will rust andd stainless would put far to much cost on the job as for the rendering drying out to quick .? seems like it didnt need a damp course in the...
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    this winter

    am in the same boat lads doing my head in so much work to get threw but twiddling my thumbs every day cos a cant get on
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    Makita Autofeed Screw Gun 240 or 110?

    thing is steve when it is company policy to have no 240 you can argue with them all day but it is there job and what says goes its frustrating at times i know ive bin there and tied to purswade companies but to no avail mate
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    Living room re-plaster needed before xmas!

    it will help if you tell the forum where youare in the country then the local lads could give you a price good luck
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    Who cant get to work in the snow?

    pointless even trying lads am up in north east never worked all week even if i got to work its to cold
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    Makita Autofeed Screw Gun 240 or 110?

    i would go for 110 if your going to have power the cordless hasnt got much punch but there ok if your house bashing and you have no generator
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    slowwwwwing down

    am the same broonster av got work inside but cant get to it half the time as a live in stanley and the snow is **** ing knee deep plenty of work if you want some mate its all internal ocr work 13,000 m2 of it pm me if you want to talk to contractor and i will give you his number
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    Plastic trowels part 2

    so who is the man that sells them for25 quid
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    nowt wrong with mp finish it trowels a dream just dont f uck about with it to much get lines out then keep off it till its ready for a hard trowel
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    here we go again with the weather!

    we got a job to do in hartlepool 78 houses to monocouche start date 6th of december ha ha dont think so
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    overboarding artex

    i would strap the cieling with slaters laths then use 12.5 mm boards saves the **** around finding joists
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    doors and windows !!!!!!!!!

    we always protect windows and doors as a matter of course it only takes a couple of hours to protect whole house and it looks a whole lot more proffesional when your finished with nothing to clean down . remember protecting takes alot less time than cleaning down lesson learnt lads
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    OCR WEBER whats your way??

    Spats chuck them in the bin they dont get your walls straight they have thwre uses on thin coat systems and mp75 and thats about it thats what i think anyway ocr needs to be strait edged to get your walls looking good and you have plenty of time to play with it . Well thats my opinon any way...
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    multple notifacations

    cheers mate
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    skimming spatulas

    anone used those skimming spatulas from refina they are £ 80 + vat dont know what they are like
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    multple notifacations

    danny av went from about 30 to 1500 and odd notifacations with nothing on them any idea whats happened cheers
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    Hardwall spray

    do you not have issues with the length of leads i thought you could only 50 meters with a 3 phase lead before it started to lose the voltage the company we are working for at the moment have had 4 outlets installed for that reason cost 180 a shot
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    cheers simps will do
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    anyone got a filzomat for sale and how much how old etc cheers lads
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    Beko Wallform (Insulated Concrete Formwork)

    trait over the top mate used alumasc mr thin coat sytem no problems
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    tyrolean finish

    av seen russ doing a test panel with a g4 on you tube but i cant find link to show you all it looked spot on and i think they only done the video to prove it could be done with a electric machine . by the way thats russ downing who am on about so he will have plenty of experience with it
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    smooth flat surface from mono

    yes madmonk think it was prahl m
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    smooth flat surface from mono

    could you not get one of the ready mixed suppliers to add some die someone like tilcon that way it would come ready mixed and would be a threw colour the times ive used it its bin like butter only down side would be it would have to be hand applied thats the only thing i can think of .unless les...
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    smooth flat surface from mono

    done a job with white mono webbers gear the council didnt want the mess of scratching off because of all public walkways it was durham city centre so we rubbed it up with sponge floats then finshed with the plastic float it came up a treat . i think we did use an i section just lightly over top...