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    Any idea on how to match this finish?

    Hiya guys. Have been asked to match this finish.. Was thinking to knock up a wet slurry and roll it over (long ply roller) once top coat is starting to set.
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    Screeding over synthprufe

    Hiya guys, got a floor to screed next week. The Building inspector has asked for synthaprufe to be put down before screed. My issue is, the screed to be layed ontop of the synthaprufe, due to their not being enough depth for insulation. Can I just screed straight ontop of the synthprufe (once...
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    Kenwood damp

    Hi guys. I have an interview with kenwood damp plc from Watford this afternoon... Anyone do any work or happen to have worked for this firm before? Thanks
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    1 or 2 coating?

    Hiya guys... Worked with another spread today, he insisted on laying on his first coat, running the speedskim over it, mixing up a fresh gauge and going straight ontop.... 5 mins Max between coats.. He insisted that it was 2 coat work.. Anyone else working like this? P. S we were on day...
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    Guild of master craftsmen

    Anyone a member or had any dealings with these guys? Had a call yesterday saying I was recommended and they wanted me to sign up? Apparently they can provide loads of work
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    Skim coat

    Hi guys... Have got hold of 5 bags of gyproc skim coat to use... Any advice?
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    Sharp sand for rendering?

    Have been asked to match this render for a client... Only a small garden wall. Have always used plastering sand only .. She doesn't want a textured paint on.. Am I right in thinking if I add sharp sand to the top coat it will achieve something simular to this finish? Slightly concerned with the...
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    Medium v coarse sponge float

    Hi guys.. . My client has asked for a grainy finish to her render... I advised painting with Sandtex after floating up but she insists she just wants to. Use the paint she already has.. I was wondering if I used a coarse sponge float will it bring more. Sand to to top. And appear grainier than...