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  1. Lastlaff

    Patch up or start again

    No1. But stud it out. That old door frame will hold the laths in place.
  2. Lastlaff

    Looking for work.

    In tonight’s ‘London Evening Standard’ - might suit you.
  3. Lastlaff

    Repairing small section in corner of the ceiling

    Fibafuse, then 3 coats of easifil 20, feathered out, the edges are already drying (the only bit that needs a rub if you know what your are doing), job done in an hour. At 6.48 I had sausage rolls, beans and chips.
  4. Lastlaff

    Mt black red original or permashape?

    MT carbon 14” pre-broken in but not permashape is my choice, matched with a 14”x 14” hawk is a perfect combo.
  5. Lastlaff

    Sparky £100 per hour

    Anyway on my job this week: Chippy - a c**t Sparks - a c**t Plumber - a c**t But the biggest c**t is the brickie, turned up without a line or level and started running in a 10 foot block wall…God give me strength
  6. Lastlaff

    Sparky £100 per hour

    Look at the shitholes he is working in - he says his rate on YouTube to pull in the work at that price. He needs to: 1. Buy a coat that fits him - looks a right c**t 2. Needs a massive punch in the face with his annoying Cambridge accent. :)
  7. Lastlaff

    This is our year

    Scotland fan doing the ‘worm’ on the underground - woman in mask grimacing
  8. Lastlaff

    Summer styles

    Pair of old Adidas shorts - light and comfy. And yes before you ask, I am fukcin grafting today. What I’m getting payed you’d be kept In jellied eels all month
  9. Lastlaff

    Repairing small section in corner of the ceiling

    Patch with 12.5mm pb, fibre fuse and joint with Easifill 20 - 3 coats and feather out, quick rub down, whole job done in just over an hour.
  10. Lastlaff

    Marshalltown DuraCork handle

    Feedback after a couple of weeks of work and it is brilliant. First off, It’s the same size as the MT wooden and red handle. There’s not a load of improvements over the standard handles but what i think is good about this DuraCork is when i clean the trowel off and a splash of water gets on the...
  11. Lastlaff

    Marshalltown DuraCork handle

    Got myself one of these today. By the look, feel & texture, it’s a mix of the normal red rubber with a spray of cork in it - as I like the Nela cork handle I thought I’d try it out. And the cost of it is about 10 mins work.
  12. Lastlaff

    Sooky sooky sooky

    Tool station do a 10lt tub for £30, B&Q the robbing baztards want £48
  13. Lastlaff

    Inset TV

    Very stylish room, and just a ‘hint’ of pink to let people know...
  14. Lastlaff

    Knee pads

    You big TEASE
  15. Lastlaff

    Knee pads

    Blaklader work trouser knee pads are the really comfy - I wore Dickies before and they aren’t anywhere as good - their knee pads rode round the side of your knees during the day. I’ve been screeding the last couple of weeks and knees are fine.
  16. Lastlaff

    Uneven Wall

    Batten and ply it in the areas you are hanging heavy wall cupboards.
  17. Lastlaff

    Uneven Wall

    Dab-it, job done.
  18. Lastlaff


    Good on you Dave giving it a go after all those years - just don’t pop round on a sunny-day. Btw, Dave...wot a name
  19. Lastlaff

    Roof trusses uneven what's best?

    @Pintsize - did you give the c**t a shoeing? Fukcin hope so - that birds mouth is atrocious
  20. Lastlaff

    Medi flex v s*p*r*lex

    Blue handled MT - where do you get them from?
  21. Lastlaff

    Not plastering related, but could do with some personal advice please.

    All I know is when the missus has a problem her friend just ‘cuddle her’ and say ‘nothing’... they don’t want solutions, they only want empathy. Maybe @JessThePlasterer can help out?
  22. Lastlaff

    Roller for reskims

    Fukc off, mine holds more
  23. Lastlaff

    Roller for reskims

    These hold a massive amount of liquid without dripping
  24. Lastlaff

    Screeding over synthprufe

    Blind with sand, left to dry and good to screed
  25. Lastlaff

    Rendered Walls Gone Powdery

    Labouring in the plasterers trade is a skill in itself - getting the mix right is 50% of the job.
  26. Lastlaff

    New builds in scotland

  27. Lastlaff


    I love my kitchen - fridge with beer! 2.08 minutes - he goes mental! 2.18 minutes - Schwing!
  28. Lastlaff

    dont forget

    What a life...doesn’t get much better than that mate.
  29. Lastlaff

    Do Emir still make floats?

    Brilliant floats - big one for rubbing- up and the small one for makers if you know what I mean
  30. Lastlaff

    merry xmas ya filthy animals!

    £880...could be a days graft?
  31. Lastlaff

    Faces to names

    As I’m an ugly fukc - that’s it
  32. Lastlaff

    Faces to names

    Another handsome fukcer on here
  33. Lastlaff

    Damp issue

    The skirting board looks in good condition - I’d ease that off and see what’s going on below that first. If ok below, salts have corroded the bead and wrecked the plaster.
  34. Lastlaff

    Sand cement

    That’s a good comprehensive devil-up - no probs with that.
  35. Lastlaff

    wall cracks

    Did you cut the cracks out to see what’s going on beneath?
  36. Lastlaff

    Keeping tools/buckets clean ...

    What did you work at before?
  37. Lastlaff

    Keeping tools/buckets clean ...

    This is devilling-up. Plastic float with 4 screws/nails in the end protruding about a mill. Always do it on basecoats (even if the bag doesn’t say). The comb scratcher isn’t the right tool - that’s for render/stucco.
  38. Lastlaff

    Keeping tools/buckets clean ...

    Looks neat & tidy mate - don’t forget to devil-up your base coat (called the floating-coat in UK)
  39. Lastlaff

    Keeping tools/buckets clean ...

    @Bolthosue - What plaster do you use - any pics of your work?
  40. Lastlaff

    Keeping tools/buckets clean ...

    Poor @Bolthosue - won’t have a scooby why grown men are talking about knickers - wonder if he’s a drawer sniffer?
  41. Lastlaff

    Keeping tools/buckets clean ...

    @Bolthosue - Get a spot board & stand to put your plaster on then clean your buckets straight away. If you get a build up on your hawk, just give it a scrape with a filling-knife. Same tools for rendering/plastering/stucco - UK tools are the same as yous have.
  42. Lastlaff

    New and improved tapit tape review

    Christmas card on its way mate
  43. Lastlaff

    winter tips

    The amount you put on a day you may want to get bionic-hands
  44. Lastlaff

    winter tips

    Good nick for 13yrs...get a bit of shag-pile carpet over that handle though - save your thumb.
  45. Lastlaff


    Spam & salad cream sandwich...yum
  46. Lastlaff


    Not that you’d notice
  47. Lastlaff

    Which Twitcher ?

    A Fanny-magnet...I’m in
  48. Lastlaff

    Which Twitcher ?

    I’d had a couple of sherberts by then and was feeling a bit cold. It reminded me how the carton just wouldn’t fall over (like a weeble-wobble)
  49. Lastlaff

    Which Twitcher ?

    Waiting for @John j to offer some up for sale
  50. Lastlaff

    Which Twitcher ?