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  1. mayti

    Gypsum hard wall or sand and cement to block noise coming through my third party wall

    Sound travels through timber so under the floor use something rubber so sound hit rubber and then as said above ,just an idea
  2. mayti


    My short time at a so called training centre was going out to asses got bit fishy smell when 13 of them asked me when they got payed for taking part all came to light then when I was asked to complete projects for them and answer questions ,so they could tick all boxes and claim money for them...
  3. mayti


    I would advise any young school leaver to check out and visit training centre before signing any forms first as not all are what they seem
  4. mayti

    heavy olde english plastered walls

    Knauf beton contact mp75
  5. mayti

    cSkill Level 3 Solid Practical Assignments Version 2

    Try improving on what training centres you pass
  6. mayti

    Downlight Holes!

    Why do you fit beads round sockets.?
  7. mayti


    That don't sound right lol
  8. mayti

    Complete novice

    Yes stick to chipping :RpS_thumbup:
  9. mayti

    Able Skill C&G NVQ ???

    Be careful which one you pick most of them just want to tick boxes to claim money well the one I used to work for operated like this very bad training and lots of lies
  10. mayti

    What stilts?

    That was last site I worked on couple yrs ago very big firm ,think at time they had drop a skip on some young bloke walking across compound in Plymouth area
  11. mayti

    What stilts?

    When he caught me the 2nd time without my hard hat he gave me yellow card ,i said it keeps falling of ,he told me to get helmet with chin strap
  12. mayti

    What stilts?

    Well that's the crack here some asshole following you round site last time I worked on site some young bell end giving people yellow cards for not wearing hard hat when skimming ceilings and gloves and glasses
  13. mayti

    What stilts?

    What you ask for then
  14. mayti

    What stilts?

    well over here it's called health and safety
  15. mayti

    What stilts?

    Are you allowed on sites now with stilts ?
  16. mayti

    Hot knife

    Ha ha :RpS_thumbsup:
  17. mayti

    Hot knife

    We'll I used one thought was good tool if you doing it a lot not that I am ,but if I was think I would get one ,how long and how much does it cost to clean up someone's garden?
  18. mayti

    Hot knife

    no mess with hot knife :RpS_thumbup:
  19. mayti


    Yes nice to meet you stuy look forward to working with you
  20. mayti


    Thanks for the compliments I give up with trying work out pictures
  21. mayti


    How you post picture up
  22. mayti


    Invisible repair:RpS_thumbup:
  23. mayti


    Can't work out how to put picture up sorry
  24. mayti


    Just completed repair
  25. mayti

    IWI work green deal

    Safco are you smoking the green
  26. mayti


    Chineese say man who wank in biscuit tin ******* crackers
  27. mayti

    broken trowel

    Use your butter knife out sarnie box
  28. mayti

    damproofing advice required please

    Think it's a brick made by an engineer:RpS_lol:
  29. mayti


    10pints of stout and vindaloo good for dashing
  30. mayti

    Cross troweling

    Why not
  31. mayti

    Is this actually illegal?

    Kick him in the b*ll***s
  32. mayti

    Blue grit

    Pay some to do it for you
  33. mayti

    Zen Ocean Plaster

    Ass so
  34. mayti

    spraying nhl lime?

    Think Ty marw sell backing coat that can be sprayed but I was told it didn't go very well through rimto look at Eco cork render lovely light to use think it can be sprayed but you can mix backing coat and finish with whisk ,it safes time you don't need to keep misting and lot lighter than lime...
  35. mayti

    Missing Dog!

    Could do with a sponge float on that:RpS_thumbup:
  36. mayti

    Painting old plaster

    Use French lime for white lime wash about six to one ratio let it dry properly between coats 2days for first 5days for each coat after
  37. mayti

    january course guide 2014

    What I seen of it NBA etc all we'll below par
  38. mayti


    With a sponge float
  39. mayti

    A Textured Alternative?

    Kratzputz is German k rend and all others copied it I think
  40. mayti

    Vandex disaster

    mike wye is good source for materials near you good quality products sells couple different breathable products such as secil cork render
  41. mayti

    Vandex disaster

    oh yes a lot easier dannymac
  42. mayti

    Sparks Chases

    tell the spark do it :RpS_thumbsup:
  43. mayti

    Sparks Chases

    1 coat plaster good for filing chases
  44. mayti

    Vandex disaster

    secil cork render boards render with secil cork render
  45. mayti

    Vandex disaster

    sounds like you need to hack all the cement of let moisture out re render with lime mortar ,several other breathable products also just get some one who knows what there doing