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    gold trowel

    Starting the Gold trowel 10 day certified course in april, any advice prior to staring would be appreciated, cheers routs.
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    10 day course

    Hi all, I've been checking out some 10 day courses (gold trowel, hawk & trowel etc) I'm a tiler myself and often when taking tiles off the plaster comes away or clients have damaged it themselves, also i have recently done some property developing which went well and will be looking to do more...
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    building skills centre or hawk & trowel

    Hi all, Im routs a tiler from eastbourne and am wanting to do a plastering course as a lot of clients are always asking me for a plasterers number, so i might as well do both jobs. I've seen a couple of courses that seem to fit the bill, Hawk & trowel in brighton near to me and building skills...