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  1. mayti


    I would advise any young school leaver to check out and visit training centre before signing any forms first as not all are what they seem
  2. mayti


    Just completed repair
  3. mayti

    job of the year apply to vincent tan

    who would want to work for Vincent tan?
  4. mayti

    Bad scaffold

    pissed of with asking the same things on scaffold , padlocks tight against walls all lifts wrong height tubes that stick out so you hit your back ,site foremen just look like lost when you point out things wrong ,cant they see what we see,or is just me
  5. mayti

    machine plastering

    Do you think machine plastering should be mandatory on nvq it is an option on the credit list but most colleges and training centers never demonstrate to the students and give very little information on products .As we develop new techniques and products into the industry in the modern...
  6. mayti


    do you think colleges should train ewi in the apprenticeship seems to be big part in industry now
  7. mayti

    2mm thick

    Does anyone actually apply 2mm finish like it states on British gypsum?
  8. mayti

    lime morter mixers

    lookiing for lime morter mixer new or second hand
  9. mayti

    what a win rugby

    what a win yesterday and paddys day today have to cure my hang over
  10. mayti


    any one help with suppler s of shellac?please
  11. mayti


    why can builders get away with paying 1 east european who inturn as 20 guys working for them paying them black money then on second yr go back with out paying tax then is mate take up the new tax number it ongoing keeping price down no good for genuine contracterers how can you compete against that
  12. mayti

    sorrow for bovis.

    what a terrible year poor bovis have had after cutting trade prices by 20 and 30% they only managed to make 31 million profit
  13. mayti

    joint rules

    anyone help need to buy some joint rules anygood websites etc
  14. mayti

    orange juice.

    working with old head this week running conice in a church he told me put a little orange juice in casting plaster slows the setting ? never heard that before as anyone else?
  15. mayti

    how they get away with it

    had the joy of working on council referb work recently what an eye opener how they get away with it never met so many idiots in short space