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    Van theft

    Not posted on here for a long time and i dont know if this has been covered but be carfull if u have a ford transit becuase the scumbags around notts have a key to get into these vans that they get off amazon. Luckly all they got out off my van was dusty but my mate wasnt as lucky he got cleared...
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    L 200 warrior

    What are your guys thoughts on the l200 warriors. At the moment I have a van for work and a car for the tribe at home but was thinking of a warrior which could do both jobs. Cheers
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    Upsetting the other trades

    When I was a kid working with me old man the sparky left his wires sticking out his boxes me dad said leave them in the box and I will clean them leave them out and I will fill them in. So he filled them in and the sparky crossed charged him. on the next houses me dad took the nail out of his...
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    Hello everyone I'm Dave from Nottingham, been plastering for 20 years and had my own plastering business for 10 years. Learnt the trade of me old man who is now 73 and still works for me part time