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    Movement bead or additional mesh overlap?

    Hi, Looking for advice. Rendering a small gable (thin-coat system). At the top of the elevation above the doors to the ridge, a stone/brick wall sits back around 20mm from the main masonry cavity structure. Customer doesn’t want any nibs so floating the section as flush as poss. But obvs where...
  2. J

    Base coat render hairline cracks

    Hi lads (and lasses). Still new to thincoat, done a few smallish jobs now (hand applied) last two in Johnstones. Iv noticed on a couple of times once sponge floating up basecoat that just a handful of small hair line cracks start appearing. Cut one them out on Friday as we were doing it, layer...
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    Advice/ first time using Renderboards.

    Hello. Thanks for having me. First time posting on here... iv done a few small monocouche jobs using weberpralM the last couple of years and all seemed to go well enough . Agreed to do hack off and re-render a small bay window area for a customer only to discover it was hollow (straight onto...