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    Power float

    Was thinking of getting a power float for rendering. Has anyone used them? Are they any good? Refinas the go to brand but one stop shop is selling one aswell has anybody used that one as well? Cheers
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    Makita whisk

    Has anyone on here got one of those makita mixers? They look very simular to the refina mixer. I might have to replace my old faithfull after 10 years service and just saw one of the makitas .theyve got a 1300w motor so there pretty powerfull. Any reveiws would be appreiciated cheers
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    new trowel

    does anyone on here know where I can can get the old style ss Steele mt trowels that arnt pre worn? I like wearing in my laying on trowels the old school way but everywhere I look only sell the pre worn ones. Cheers
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    plastic trowel for sto

    hi everyone need some advice,I've gotta do some sto render in next few days and I'm not sure which trowel I guessing the refina 11 inch with white blade? I've also seen people using one with a red handle but unsure of make any advice appreciated.thanks
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    nela handles

    Does anybody on here know if nela make bigger trowel handles? I like the trowels but the skinny handles are killing my hands I'm using tennis racket grip tape to make them bigger but it's a pain in the a##e! I don't really wanna use my other trowels I like the finish I get with these but I'm...
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    ox ultraflex

    can you lay on with these new ox ultraflex trowels? There's a YouTube video of someone promoting them and he's using it to lay on and finish with
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    marshaltown permaflex

    marshalltown have finally jumped on the band wagon with the flexible trowels,it looks exactly the same as a nela s*p*r*lex but twice the price.£70 for a 14 inch trowel. I don't think they will be selling too many at those prices
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    superprof twister

    I've got my eye on one of these new super prof twister spatulas.i like using the 600mm spats to flatten smaller areas but I'm getting cramp in my hands when I use them. These new ones might be the answer as they've got proper handles.has anyone got one? Are they any good? Cheers
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    crap sand

    Has anyone. Used Travis Perkins plastering sand? I've gotta render with the stuff and its got no guts,I'm tempted to mix some sharp with it has anybody had the same problem?
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    I've treated myself to some speedskims I'm itching to use them but I've just noticed the small lines that run the length of the they leave any marks on the plaster or drag more off?
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    new mixer

    I'm definitely getting a new mixer this year,my refina mixer is the b######s but it's 8 years old now and starting to make a few weird noises. My boss got the new 1800 w version but in my opinion it's crap! It struggles. I've been eyeing up the new bosch mixer I'm a big fan of the single spews...
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    not quite tools

    Boring subject but my hands are f####d! I need to wear gloves but can't find any that I can comfortably hold the trowel while wearing,I've tried marigolds and shed loads of others.has anybody got any ideas ? Cheers!(y)
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    im having a nightmare!

    I've gotta render over smooth breeze blocks ,in the past I've fixed eml over the walls first but the customer wont go for it due to cost.any ideas on what I can use so it doesn't blow after a month? Cheers
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    refina s*p*r*lex trowels

    Has anybody used the refina super flex trowels? I use the nela ones which are good but I was wondering if they were any good