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    Using mesh with bonding coat

    Evening all, When i had my bedroom plastered i insisted the plasterer did a backing coat rather than boarding it (i hate the hollow sound of boards). To prevent cracking he embedded mesh (jonstones stormshield) withing the bonding. He added a layer of bonding, embedded the mesh, then added...
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    A few questions on bonding vs hardwall

    Hi guys, Being new to plastering (and un-trained) I have a few questions as to what backing plaster to use between bonding and hardwall. When I have previously had a plasterer in he told me to PVA the wall, then he applied bonding, then I had to PVA it again before he skimmed it. However...
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    How to repair plaster around the door?

    Hi Guys, I did a bit of plastering in the bathroom however i plastered up to and around the architrave surrounding the door, now I have decided to remove the architrave because it was dated I have an un-plastered area around the door frame. Please see the picture attached. I have brought some...
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    DIY'er keen to learn

    Hi Guys, My name is Lee, just in the middle of a house renovation, i pretty much do everything myself, electrics, plumbing, tiling, also tried plastering. Plastering was by far the most difficult DIY thing I have ever done but with an entire house to do I am keen to crack it. Hopefully you guys...