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    Board finish over blue grit

    Sorry in advance if this is a daft question, can't get multifinish but have some board finish, is it possible to use board finish to reskim over existing plaster if it's been primed with blue grit or will the suction still be too high for it? Bad idea?
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    Curvy Marshalltown

    Hi all, sorry if it's a dumb question but is it normal for a Marshalltown trowel (not a flexi) to be curved across its length from new? I know they are 'broken in' so expected a curve across its width but against a straight edge the heel and toe are lifting about 2mm up. I guess it will stop...
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    Out of date gypsum

    Hi all, hope you’re keeping well. I have a small (less than 1m2) back to brick to patch but run out of hardwall. Checked wickes website Monday and thought supply was back to normal but oh no it’s all gone now. So question is is it worth a punt with some out of date stuff I have or do bad...
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    New plaster cracked

    Hello all, I’m a newbie here, not a plasterer just a DIY’er. Had a go at plastering a small section between two doors at the weekend. Originally took it back to brick but found bricks behind had been hacked and very uneven. Too many high spots so couldn’t board over so tried to flatten as...