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  1. leebo02

    More for weekends

    if your busy in the week and have to work weekends do you expect to earn more for working the weekend
  2. leebo02

    Sky super six

    anyone play sky super six , or in any leagues
  3. leebo02


    anyone going to the worldcup or been to one before
  4. leebo02


    anyone seen any Bulgarians or Romanians on site yet, or is it just bolloxs
  5. leebo02

    Going down

    who do you think will go down from the premiership,, lets see who gets it right,, im sticking with the three that are there now,, Sunderland,, Fulham and palace
  6. leebo02

    Permits to work

    do most of you that do site work need permits to work,, took me 3 hours to get one the other day
  7. leebo02


    anyone used board finish lately , and what do you prefer to use on board work multi finish or board finish
  8. leebo02

    No thanks symbol

    How come i seem to be the only person on here who no longer has a thanks or a rep symbol
  9. leebo02

    Mix m8

    just seen one of these mix m8 for the 1st time, anyone tried one,, are they any good or a load c---
  10. leebo02

    No h & s

    been on a rush (urgent) job this weekend,, making sure everything ready for a big visit tomorrow.. funny how all the health and safety s--- goes out the window when it suites them
  11. leebo02

    2 best

    if you could not use a marshalltown or your favourite trowel what would be your second choice:confused:
  12. leebo02

    refina s*p*r*lex trowel

    hi lads, anyone tried the refina s*p*r*lex skimming trowels, if so what do you think of them
  13. leebo02


    hi, i;ve been using the T,P.F for a little while now but not introduced myself yet,, i am lee (leebo on here), i am 48 from brighton east sussex and have been plastering all my working life