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    Bit of hemp

    The is wood wool and wood fibre boards mate they are all a bit different depending where you get them but on a outside you can use them we have before but with a NHL rather then hemp
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    Refina repairs

    Some times better to bite the bullet and get a new one could cost you £60 notes to tell you it’s had it
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    Bit of hemp

    3 coat hemp on wood fibre
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    K Rend flower beds

    Hi mate dig a French drain about a foot deep and fill it with shingle will help with any rising
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    Replacing & Repointing spalling bricks

    Hi the is too many varieties and variables would depend on age type of brick and how soft it is. A hydradated lime is more or less a plasticiser so you wouldn’t be able to use that. It’s a skilled job to understand the product needed and source it and to carry out the work with knowledge of...
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    Replacing & Repointing spalling bricks

    No way no cement that’s why you have spalling!
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    Question re: Lime Render Failure

    Hi I know your problem. Believe it or not baumit actually contains cement and is not appropriate for your house. Where are you based we mainly cover herts beds and bucks.
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    Artex (with asbestos) from concrete ceiling - removal

    Hi mate we use to do hundreds of these years ago for our local council after the asbestos was removed the asbestos firm had to batten the ceiling out (due to drilling into it) then we use to tack and skim
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    Timber frame

    Hi mate we used kiem mineral paint to finish it of to the render and wood work but really only it was a part replacement of the frame due to being listed and we had to match to what was there
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    Timber frame

    Thanks we used a premixed fat lime on this one
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    Timber frame

    3 coat on lath
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    Lime render

    Hi lads just seeing if the is any one with lime experience free to help out for some work next month it’s just out of Bedford
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    £35 - £45 a meter to render walls maybe on a site mate where there is 1000’s of flat meters not on a private property
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    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    I am not stupid enough to try and undertake something which is skilled. Wet trades like plastering or bricklaying cant be picked up like this it’s not like cutting a bit of wood or painting a wall people don’t want to part with their cash Plasterer’s need to stick together you wouldn’t catch a...
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    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    A stud frame or skirting board is diy my friend rendering a wall is not we all know that the majority of younger lads who are plasterers can’t render never mind a diy penny pincher!
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    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    If your so busy and have so many properties why are you wasting your time trying to learn how to render this is nothing but a cost saving exercise I’m afraid experience and knowledge comes at a cost piss take you come on here looking for this just because you simply don’t want to pay
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    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    Thought you couldn’t find a competent plasterer. If he can only use sand and cement you should of used it. Spend loads of time wasted on penny pinchers any one who gives this bloke advice is a fool!
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    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    I think what you really mean is you got a quote and thought it was expensive so are having a go yourself and have now realised you are not able to do it. What sort property developer with a portfolio can’t get hold of decent Plasterer’ who wants to pay peanuts
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    Anyone know what sand and cement this is?

    I wouldn’t patch a pebble dash for all the tea in China never blends in and then looks like a Pakistani extension
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    Basecoat dragging not flattening

    Hi Steve im afraid you can’t learn to plaster of the internet. Sounds like you have done it completely wrong best advice would be to hack it all off learn from your mistakes and call a professional. P.s if your Mrs has a property portfolio and can’t afford to pay the pro’s she should probably...
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    Are any modern renders suitable for a solid brick home?

    You would be wasting your money on krend you may as well leave it as it is and half the pre bagged nhl renders on the market contain cement so i would stay well clear of them too. The price of render has gone up in the last 5 years just like every thing else im afraid and with the current...
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    Are any modern renders suitable for a solid brick home?

    30k is a realistic price to scaffold out your whole house remove all render provide skips and 3 coat lime render. You will hear of others using pre bagged nhl lime renders as a cheaper alternative but on this age property in my opinion is not the way forward. Depending where you live you would...
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    Advice on Lime Skim

    The is no chance a young lad with no experience could undertake this work. Your questions are a insult and any one who undertakes this work would be a fool to help you. The reason lime plastering is expensive is your paying for years of knowledge this my friend is not free to people who won’t...
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    2.5 years old lime render crumbling away... advice appreciated

    Did this guy mix his own stuff base layers look very Sandy looks like he may of switched between nhl and a putty would never recommend to mix the two. Also 48 hours is no where near enough time between coats always around a week. What plaster is on in the inside as also needs to be lime?
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    What ever you do don’t buy a custom my mates engine blew up took him to pick it up after he paid £3200 for a rebuild. The guy had around 80 customs in there all having the same thing done shocking need to get the turbo done as well sucks all the crap through it all from around 14 - 17 plate...
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    Insulating lime render internal

    Would not suggest using a nhl lime base product on a Victorian house. Would certainly not advise using a nhl lime on top of a non hydraulic lime. Would not suggest to wallpaper on new plastered lime ( unless you leave it about a year ) If your room is cold get a bigger radiator
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    Internal Lime Plaster on North facing gable wall

    I have only really seen one case of this and I think it’s a build up of salts in the wall. I did how ever get over this removed all plaster work used a Newton tanking membrane and nhl 3 coat lime on top not really ideal but did work in the long run
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    Internal Lime Plaster on North facing gable wall

    Hi how many of coats of nhl did you do how long did you leave it between coats and what ratio did you use?
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    Absolutely awful gear horrible to finish I would recommend l*m*-g***n ultra for nhl based insulated stuff best I have used to date
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    Old bathroom plasterboard plaster and scrim questions

    Sounds like asbestos. Get a pro in costs £60 +vat for a sample test with all the paperwork down this way
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    Soul destroying!

    Often got it on the ceiling and down to the picture rail. Always use to sugar soap it off till the is no more dusty residue. Horrid stuff!
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    New and improved tapit tape review

    Remember when they gave us a pallet of universal one coat for free to try out took ages to get rid off the shite!
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    Yer pretty much I think they use a laser screed machine on massive stuff
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    They have a internal pump so just like a normal screed pump although much quicker with no need to order any materials and any man power to shovel and load the pump. It’s a big unit but just like everything else has it’s time and places for use
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    New and improved tapit tape review

    I think if you could change this about to stick external beads it might take off a bit better as that is a pain in the arse as usually drill and plug with stainless screws and washers on bell casts which takes a while
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    New and improved tapit tape review

    Is it not just easy to stick your beads with bonding and put a level on it takes seconds . And use a pvc arch bead for a curve as that’s what they are made for
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    Would highly recommend these lads 75 m2 in around a hour!
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    Limelite high impact finish tips please.

    I finish all lime putty with a steel trowel finishing with a sponge doesn’t make it more breathable. I’ve never seen I textured sponged lime finish in any high end house sounds like some thing you would do in a barn!
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    Chimney breast with wood burner help!

    Your not spose to plasterboard the internal’s won’t meet the regs. If you plaster in skim it will crack with the heat even a render can do also do that. Best bet is a heat resistant board in metal stud but as you have got this fair I would recommend to tile with a heat resistant tile
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    Battery mixers

    Only get that out if is a big krend and half the time it’s not even worth doing that the time you set up sheet out and pack it away would probably be on my second pint
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    Battery mixers

    I don’t one coat mate... I’m a real plasterer
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    Battery mixers

    Would love to see one of these drills float and set a room in hardwall would need about 10 batteries and have to mix about 40 times
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    Battery mixers

    To plaster a room. What you doing icing a Christmas cake????
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    Battery mixers

    Jumped in with my mate last week that dewalt mixer struggled with a 3 bag mix on multi. Think I would rather carry a transformer in then mix twice my 10 year Bosch will do a 5 bag mix no problem!
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    Cornerstone insulating render

    Not a great fan of that stuff to be fair I think all the pre bagged nhl stuff is not that great but when I have to use it for insulated spec I always use ultra*m*-g***n-ultra All the pre bagged really needs to be a sponge finish so try my most to never use it internally
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    Having few issues

    Hi mate we have had issues using lime on new block work often had old properties where a window or door way has been blocked up or a extension going to existing. I always use a exterior dg27 to prime the day before other wise the blocks will pull all the water out the lime. Would also recommend...
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    Having few issues

    Hi mate what are these garden planter walls made of new blocks old bricks?
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    New here...

    Hi mate only need hydrated lime if your going with sand and cement. only thing I would be worried about is the top the water needs to run off otherwise will freeze and crack in the winter maybe use something to create a overhang if you can’t get a coping
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    Is it too late in the year to render externally with NHL3.5 lime. ( Mid Wales based.)

    Pot luck this time of year all you need is a couple of rain days and before you know it the is a frost
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    New build with lime plaster internals - can this be done over plasterboard?

    Hi we often do this on period properties with no cavity as it has to be lime on these walls people often want the same finish on the ceiling which may be plasterboard. You need to tape the joints first then bond them leave this for a day to dry them prime the lot with dg27 primer you can then...