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  1. Formby plastering

    No he didnt

    Had the pleasure of Gary today top bloke shared a few useful tips today as well and had a go at pure finish. Got to say thoroughly enjoyed using it.. Felt like it was nicer to use laying on really nice to trowel. Why not take advantage of using this product for free, to trial it yourself...
  2. Formby plastering

    Any you girls skimmed over this

    Marmot insulation board
  3. Formby plastering building services

    Anyone ever worked for these??
  4. Formby plastering

    Which one do you hear ??

    Yanny v Laurel video: which name do you hear? – audio | Global | The Guardian
  5. Formby plastering

    Steak and bj day

    Come on this is the day we all look forward to whos lucky enough? Ive just got to get these three cock blocks to bed early
  6. Formby plastering

    Top man ollie

    Thanks very much ollie only just got these from the post office with working local. Thanks for the extras much appreciated il keep the teddy on my van dashboard to remember haha
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    Anyone have them on there property?? Guy from across the street knocked on the door said hed seen someone on his camera trying to get access into peoples houses including mine through the front door at 3.30 am this morning the thought of some smackhead or burglar is making me boil especially...
  8. Formby plastering

    Shocked but amazing 2 weeks early :)

    Caught us out by two weeks she did
  9. Formby plastering

    Fassa bortolo

    Has anyone used it ?? Thoughts would they reccomend??
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    Customers painting

    Ok here it is I've pretty much plastered the whole customers house to a really good standard and every time I go back and look at his painting which is diabolical making my work look bad its dissheartning... roller marks bad cutting in and patchy .. i feel like lainting it for him..anybody else...
  11. Formby plastering

    Cement exterior render boards

    Any idea on the best places and good prices it's for a garden room
  12. Formby plastering

    Change of circumstances

    In all honesty how many of you could just stop what you're doing now and be a full time house dad ?? The missus is about to go studying as a nurse and needs me to change career to stay off 5 days a week. I have two little ones and expecting another. In all honesty I love going to work I no...
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    Site rates

    I've been asked to give my sq meter rates for for and dab and skimming I mainly do domestic but if I had to shift I can. I don't want to take the piss but what are good rates for both??
  14. Formby plastering

    Best way of sticking these together

    I've been asked by a customer to stick these together Was thinking of using drywall and screws but is there a better way??
  15. Formby plastering


    Does anybody no if the refina ones are stainless
  16. Formby plastering

    Tackling this s**t head

    Little repair I threw myself into.. was thinking of pipe collar but it's on the joint so that's a no go as they come in 5 inch.. so was thinking just throw some sand and cement in but what stones are used and also the bottom bit would still be showing any other ways??
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    Headed down to bg headquarters today with a few off the forum. Really good day answered alot of questions about the scheme.. the guy who introduced the scheme was with us all day explaining were they want to go with things and and explained there will be alot of new products there working on...
  18. Formby plastering

    Insulating walls from neighbours

    What's your thoughts on the best ways of insulating your walls from the neighbours.. Was planning on building a frame lagging it with rock wool to death .. using acoustic sealer on joints anyone think of a better way .. I. E space saver??
  19. Formby plastering

    Speedskim sf

    Game changer 100% recommend to anyone. Great service from Scott
  20. Formby plastering

    Last mix till after christmas

    What a fun job it was too, well two trowels have made me very happy speedskim and delhedy been fun flattening hope everyone has a brilliant Christmas and gets everything theyou wanted off santa all the best
  21. Formby plastering

    How's everyone getting on today??

    Here's mine little bedroom about to become the baby room
  22. Formby plastering

    Fibrous plastering

    Would love to be able to do something like that so much skill
  23. Formby plastering

    Colonic x06

    Best place to buy the colonic x06?
  24. Formby plastering

    Refina spray pumps

    Anyone use the refina spray machines all these topics about the ritmo just wondered how they compare?