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    Bit of advise please

    Not posted for a while just needed a bit of advice.had new roof done in summer because of damp issues it doesn't seemed to have solved the problem in fact its alot worse.i know a bit about rendering but not an expert.the roofer has admitted the contractor he had doing my roof has f**k*d...
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    Awkward pricing

    Just priced a job for my best mates cousin who is also a mate of mine.i was giving my mate a hand doing something in his house and she rang him on about the price I gave her being a bit expensive he put her on loud speaker she wasn't slagging me of just thought it would be cheaper shes got me...
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    What does everyone think about us having a recession and struggling for work.i normally just work on site and do a few weekend jobs here and there.but in the last 3 days I've had phone calls to skim 2 full houses a living room.and a landing wall I thought we would be f**k*d but might have...
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    Beer keg

    First time posting pic not sure if I've done it right.has anyone got one of these went my mate before to pick some tools up and he give me a pint from this nicer than in the pub.
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    Just looking for any recommendations on trowels. I have left tools on a site which isnt opening for a couple of weeks some sites opening on Monday so can go on there. if I have to get a new trowel for now which would you say is best to go with straight away currently use a nela which I like but...
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    Get the kettle on

    Getting my roof done this week.scaffolders just said to my 12 year old daughter is your kettle broke I normally look after people working on my house but just thought it's best not to at this time.cheeky f**k**s
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    Just been asked for 12 quid of missus and daughter for a raffle to win a haircut.60 people in it.i said f**k off dont know when I'm back in work.they said she has rent to pay for I said what about our mortgage.i give it them.apparently everyone is doing it might do it for a room skimmed.
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    Tax returns

    Anyone have any idea on what will happen to tax returns can you still submit it on 6th of April cant see government in a rush to give people rebates.even though people will need it more than ever .unless you haven't lived your life and saved since the last recession like some people on here.
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    Anybody interested in some tools.i have a deluxe speedskim set 1200 plastic 1200 steel 600 plastic 600 steel only bought them 4 weeks ago so virtually brand new looking for 120.also have a 110 refina mega mixer paid 360 used it a couple of months then bought a dewalt.looking for 140.
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    Thieving little t***s

    Got on site this morning looks like kids have broke in over weekend robbed my pouch emptied my mates tool bag took that and some Stanley blades left all our trowels brand new speedskim set and things that were worth robbing.they robbed my mates coffees smashed a bath up in next door and took all...
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    What a day.

    Skimmed a 18 sq metre artex ceiling today used bonding in the worked well but it was a slog give me 3 gauges on site any day.dont know how long it should have took but it was just over 3 hours.worst thing was it was a freebie for wifes nan.infact it cost me 300 quid because missus has...
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    Hop up

    Any know where i can get a taller hop up which would be able to reach up to 10ft.
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    New trowel

    Just received order from belmore tools.ordered a 16 inch stainless steel nela opened it and it was the nela flex gold 2 which i already have and its shite.left all my other trowels on site which is locked tommorow so cant get them have a little job to do tommorow which i was going to try new...
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    Uni finish

    Ive got a bathroom too re skim tommorow i was thinking of using uni finish is it any good .
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    School boy error

    Bought a new house 18 months ago all the ceilings were high so lowered them in metal and skimmed was in a bit of a rush to get in and forgot to insulate them for sound.when my daughter is in her bedroom with her mates can hear everything.was wondering if there is any way of sound proofing...
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    Rounded ceilings

    Just finished a 12 foot high rounded ceiling which i bonded out yesterday.went next door to see if the other spreads had plastic trowel to borrow me for finishing off as mine broke the other day.they told me the dont bond the ceilings out they have a tool for them bit like a twitcher cant...
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    Which speedskim

    Looking at purchasing a speed skim which should i buy for new build house bashing.currently use marshalltown right through but its starting to take its toll on my body looking at ways to make it easier.