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  1. madmonk

    Roller for reskims

    Whats the best roller for pva want good one any rec thanks
  2. madmonk

    Bullnose trowel

    Anyone know who sells these only want a small one for rounding some external rendered corners thanks
  3. madmonk

    Nela black premium elite

    Has anyone tried one or give it a good run out need a new trowel so wondering cheers
  4. madmonk

    Drywall bit

    What the best drywall bit for impact driver mine is a bit powerful knocking the screws under the paper doin me nut in
  5. madmonk

    Ox trowel

    Has anyone got one review please not the flex type just normal trowel thanks
  6. madmonk


    What pral means in weber pral m
  7. madmonk

    Tlling over tiles

    Got a small wall to tile over if ok they are well stuck whats the crack bonding agent or sbr or best coming off
  8. madmonk

    Any reviews on new nela

    Anyone tested one for a few sets just pondering
  9. madmonk

    Nice little sat job

  10. madmonk

    Rend aid question

    Is it ok to scratch this up instead of stippling bit bothered about any peaks showing in the weber pral m coat thanks
  11. madmonk

    Next October apparently

    This is what the bumbling idiot has said fcuk me cmon this shhite has to go another year of this flu bollox
  12. madmonk


    Can you get it up to 10mm in the same day to get a sponge finish or is it best letting it set first ie scratch coat thanks
  13. madmonk

    Plastic hawk

    Whats your take on these always had metal but was pondering cheers
  14. madmonk

    New trowel

    Has anyone got or tried the 14inch mt duraflex trowel just wanted some feedback on them cheers
  15. madmonk

    Beads for floating

    Got a customer who wants his walls flat an plumb floating do they do a bead for which to set so yo rule off or would you just do screeds ta
  16. madmonk

    I bar on weber ocr

    Hi does anyone i bar there weber ocr then sponge up instead of ruling it when its all on when wet wss going to try it this way if it works thanks
  17. madmonk


    After a 14 inch new trowel was lookin at the permashape but they used to have a slight bend in tye blade popped a rivet on mine so need a new one decent 14 inch stainless cheers
  18. madmonk

    6mm render beads

    Hi peeps is it ok to use 6mm beads on blockwork for hp12 then silicone on top or will it ghost thanks
  19. madmonk

    Level 5 mixing paddle

    Anyone got one or used one they look a mean bit of kit
  20. madmonk

    13 or 14 trowel

    Tried a marshy 14 inch today felt quite nice ive always used 13s just wondered if anyonecelse has switched sizes an found it better cheers
  21. madmonk

    Collomix cordless mixer

    Has anyone got or tried one of these just wondering how they compare with the new dewalt cordless cheers
  22. madmonk

    Flattening first coat

    Does anyone do this or is it a waste of time just wondering does it really stop striping
  23. madmonk

    Silicone 1.5

    How long does this take general to dry before its safecfrom weather got some to do but bit hit an miss this week cheers
  24. madmonk

    This is what were on at the mo

    Little 70m ceiling for this week
  25. madmonk

    Silicone 1.5mm

    Hi peeps got a little garden wall to top off in silicone thw wall has a flat top would it be best doing all the top first or bring it all over as one never really had to do one with a flat section thanks
  26. madmonk

    Mt permashape

    What do you think about these i need a new skimmer just pondering on what when i google these pop up so need some feedback really thanks
  27. madmonk

    Small tool

    Need a new one bought one off ebay an its shhite any recommendations looking at the ox one looks ok
  28. madmonk


    Just looked at a job which has no cavity 9 inch wall with header bricks going through its getting a lot of condensation on it ive suggested dabbing a thermal board on it do you think this woulld sort it or is there any other way thanks
  29. madmonk

    Collated screwgun

    After a decent one good recommendations thanks
  30. madmonk

    Collated screwgun

    After a decent one good recommendations really
  31. madmonk

    Internal damp course

    Doing some s/c with waterproofer in only a coiple of mtrs will it be ok skim next day or leave for a bit
  32. madmonk

    Dri coat

    Hoq far does a bag go got 2m to do not a lot but the job is quite far so dont want to run out thanks
  33. madmonk

    Bullnose beads

    Whats the crack with these just been told all the windows are having these was going to put a normal bead on the head the the 2 on the sides would this look right anyone got any pics thanks
  34. madmonk

    Best primer on new plaster

    As per title was thinking sbr or pva?
  35. madmonk

    Patching ceiling

    Need to patch a big hole on ceiling normaly board then scrim onto exsisting but bothered about any build up rather just go inside the patch but then botherd about edges cracking is there a tool to try and cut edges back so i can get scrim on then feather in
  36. madmonk

    Plasterboard carier

    Has anyone tried this gadget just hook it to the top of board then it has an handle suppose to be able to carry it with one hand
  37. madmonk

    Skimming in winter

    Now its cold do you still flatten your first coat before laying in just wanted opinions really seen 3 different ways today by different spreads
  38. madmonk

    Dabbing trowel

    What do we prefer using for dabbing some use a trowel others use a small gauging trowel just wondering on opinions
  39. madmonk

    Insulated plaster board

    Will a circular saw be ok for going through these 50mm boards or a jigsaw tried a handsaw today murder kept jarring the fckers
  40. madmonk

    Best adhesive for ditra matting

    Just putting this down for a mate in a bathroom over floorboards jus wondering best adhesive was thinking flexible rapid set would thid be right thanks
  41. madmonk

    Tool belt

    I'm after a new one want a decent one too last for when I'm boarding an stuff any decent reccomedations thanks
  42. madmonk

    Wafer screws for gypliner

    Doing some gypliner soon just want to know which bit you use for the wafer screws ph or pz thanks
  43. madmonk

    Wood or rubber handle

    What you prefer I'm just having slidey dilemma with the rubber handle was going to try wooden see how I get on thoughts
  44. madmonk

    6mm render beads

    Will you get ghosting with these over blockwork with thin coat system just got a job to price for a builder and he's bought these thanks
  45. madmonk

    Best way to board this beast

    What's your methods ideas for boarding this hallway ceiling think it's going to be a head scratcher?
  46. madmonk

    Lightweight coving

    Got some to put up for a guy from b@q the lightweight stuff not polystyrene the question is can it be scribed like the plaster one some of the angles are fcuked so prefer scribing the internals thanks
  47. madmonk

    Need a hand

    Does anyone need a hand next week or know of anyone who does had a couple of jobs cancel on me for a bit manchester/ Stockport area if poss thanks
  48. madmonk

    Nela ss premium

    Been using this for 12months now nice trowel but blade taking some breaking in anyone else the same debating to go back on the Mt 13x5 extralite or do I stick with the nela hatevtrowel traumas does me but in
  49. madmonk

    Decent hop up

    After a decent one doesent have to be cheap just want one to last the ones I keep getting off eBay are Shiite an not I'm not a fat c**t either
  50. madmonk

    Weber lac

    Can this be sponged up like hp12 to receive bucket coat what's the procedure for it thanks