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  1. Groove37


    Absolute gentleman @Olican my little parcel turned up today I’m in your debt for a few beers when all this craziness is over
  2. Groove37

    Good for relaxing

    Coming here after a days graft
  3. Groove37


    Could anyone tell me the best games console to buy please as I don’t have a clue @John j
  4. Groove37


    Any of you guys or girls having a monster storm?? Blowing an absolute hooley down here
  5. Groove37

    Still here

    Must be good pva
  6. Groove37


    Is there any plasterers in Cornwall looking for a bit of work or had a job cancel and can help me out for a week or so
  7. Groove37

    Whose your money on

    Last game of the season whose got the bottle to win the league
  8. Groove37

    Happy Easter

    Happy Easter everyone from sunny Cornwall
  9. Groove37

    Fire fighter

    Was wondering if anyone on here is/was a retained firefighter been thinking about going for it for a while my grandad and great grandad were firefighters in my local station so runs in the blood a bit
  10. Groove37


    Maybe time to go home be safe if you’re driving in this lads