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  1. Cockney1

    Let's av u @superspread

  2. Cockney1

    Morning burgers

    You getting that 2 for 1 on frozen garlic bread again.
  3. Cockney1

    Let's av u @superspread

  4. Cockney1

    Morning burgers

    No surprise with all the shite you eat!! 4am.
  5. Cockney1

    Morning burgers

    Dumping in the customers karzie like a filthy animal as soon as you walk through the door!
  6. Cockney1

    Hello! Help needed!

    Are thistlebond it sales low at the minute??
  7. Cockney1

    Let's av u @superspread

    We done the double over you bunch of spazzers. Hahahahaha!!! You’ll be relegated next season.
  8. Cockney1

    Let's av u @superspread

    We will still finish higher than you bunch of bums! #emptytrophycabinet :cachetada::LOL:
  9. Cockney1

    Whats caused this then ?

    Why don’t you just give him your advice about it then mate.
  10. Cockney1

    Working with

    Lol. They probably thought they had mice with all the scratching.
  11. Cockney1


  12. Cockney1

    Working with

    Is algee on the job with you mate, smashing the fosters pre tea break??
  13. Cockney1


    I bet you had a little rye smile on your face when you first saw it. Lol I love seeing f**k ups when people go for cheap. #caspered
  14. Cockney1

    What plaster for this.

    Suction control and preparation is key for that job. Master that young padawan then we will move you on to what sort of plaster to use!
  15. Cockney1


    How many did you down?? You’ve got to drink more than 2 mate.
  16. Cockney1

    Artex (with asbestos) from concrete ceiling - removal

    Of course they did. Dave and his mate from number 24 did it (y) Ffs What do you take them for.
  17. Cockney1

    Who's watching boxing in morning

    One word. Gutted!
  18. Cockney1

    Pub .

    T bone steak.
  19. Cockney1

    Not been paid (anyone had this)

    Poor example. Wankstain!
  20. Cockney1

    Why ?

    What was that mate??
  21. Cockney1


  22. Cockney1

    Sooky sooky sooky

    Hitting that disagree button whilst shitting through the eye of a needle at 4am. Poor diet Wankstain! Hahahahaha!!!
  23. Cockney1

    Sooky sooky sooky

    We all see you for what you are! Hahahahaha!!!
  24. Cockney1

    Sooky sooky sooky

    You are a truly useless t**t.
  25. Cockney1

    Roll reversal

    Ffs! Another misleading thread title. I thought you had your old lady’s knickers on again!!
  26. Cockney1


    f**k**g peasant works weekends as well.
  27. Cockney1

    Not been paid (anyone had this)

    Yes but..........
  28. Cockney1

    Not been paid (anyone had this)

    I’ll eye test you with a sharp stick! We all know he’s been knocked by the builder. If he can’t get hold of him then the next port of call is the customer!
  29. Cockney1

    Not been paid (anyone had this)

    In normal circumstances yes. But the subby hasn’t been payed! so it lies with the customer in my eyes because he has received the goods.
  30. Cockney1

    Not been paid (anyone had this)

    The so called builder is only a middle man.
  31. Cockney1

    Inset TV

    Nice mate (y) Casper’s just swallowed his tongue the f**k**g peasant!!
  32. Cockney1

    Not been paid (anyone had this)

    The customer received the goods. He needs to be accountable.
  33. Cockney1


    If it stays on that long.
  34. Cockney1


  35. Cockney1


    One word - Crikey :oops:
  36. Cockney1

    Not been paid (anyone had this)

    Agree but Always get paid first!
  37. Cockney1

    Working poor!

    Something you know all to well about eh! Lol 4am.
  38. Cockney1

    Working poor!

    It must be due to all that shite you eat.
  39. Cockney1

    Working poor!

    Are you sure you’re English Johnny??? You have the work ethics of a refugee.
  40. Cockney1

    Working poor!

    Serves you right for grafting on a bank holiday you filthy animal. I hope you s**t yourself and it’s up your back as well. :cachetada:
  41. Cockney1


    Friend of mine told me that apparently Casper’s old lady loves it up the Gary.
  42. Cockney1

    Need some advice

    Video won’t play. :rolleyes:
  43. Cockney1

    Starting to bite.

    I’ll give you one clue......... it’s coming from Germany.