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  1. Bones10

    Speedskim blades

    Alright all, I have the original speedskim(grey blade) and use it quite a bit but it's on last legs now so looking for new blade. But wondering what's diff in the blue blades? I know the other version is for finishing as has metal tip, so take it the original grey blade is non existent now? Cheers
  2. Bones10

    Catnic scrim

    Any lads tried this( orange stuff) Wack gave me12 rolls, used 6 yesterday and today but every roll was great until I get half way through, then the roll has so much glue on it you can't unwrap it. Also keeps threading on sides. Not impressed with it at all
  3. Bones10

    Silka vs renderguard gold?

    Alright lads I'm doing a damp proofing job was injected yesterday with dryzone, the builder is supplying the lot, but just been told he wants me to use norm waterproofer, I use renderguard gold norm, but as it's a rush job(builders words) he hasn't got time to get any but he has some Sika Maxmix...
  4. Bones10

    Ebay g4 for sale

    Plastering Machine | eBay
  5. Bones10

    Dab for sale

    Got 19 bags of dab left from a job collect from swindon wilts pm if interested, chars
  6. Bones10

    apprentice skills

    Alright lads I have an apprentice who's in process of l2 NVQ ATM but when he's on site he can't do very much, don't know if I'm just expecting to much or he's just not got in him. I let him dab a toilet out 6boards and tack little ceiling, days work for him I thought, took 2 and made right...
  7. Bones10

    Joining Pebble dash

    Does anyone know how's best to join dashing? Builder has added on to the wall so now worried if we dash the extended blockwork you will see the line, not sure how to tackle this, any help much appreciated
  8. Bones10

    Parex over thermalite blocks

    I'm knocking off s&c render on a garage ready to parex monocouche, but there are random thermalite bock a all over the place, I've never put it over therms before so wondered the best method ? Cheers all
  9. Bones10

    Parex on wood blocks

    I been asked to parex an extension but its made out of mashed up wood glued together to make blocks which has concrete poured into it, think they call it jrock???? I have put lime render onto these about 10yr ago but never put parex onto it, any suggestions on how to go about it? cheers guys
  10. Bones10

    Difference in mesh

    Any of you lads know the diff between the parex mesh? I been using tv10 I think it's called, it's the bigger mesh out of the 2, that's the stuff they always give me, just wondered What the smaller mesh is used for or a dif style of render etc?
  11. Bones10

    Monorex over old brick

    I'm doing a old porch which was s&c rendered, doing it in parex monorex , just wondered if I should put some kind of base coat onto the bricks b4 starting as the walls are a bit crap? Or would it be ok to just crack on with it cheers
  12. Bones10

    Power for Render gun

    Alright lads i looking at getting a compressor but refina told me I need a 30cfm air compressor to run the hopper for sand cement renders, I just looked on another site and it says they can run fine on a 13cfm @100psi, so I'm confused as the diff in price in generators is alot. As you can tell...
  13. Bones10


    Right I been rendering this house and had no end of probs with it, half house was new concrete blocks existing was pebble dash, cleaned all dash etc before start, scratched it 4/1with waterproofer and set beads was spot on. When top coating I done 5-1-1 with lime and added feb(always added feb...
  14. Bones10

    CPI render

    Guys can you put CPI render as top coat over normal sand & cement scratch coat? Never used it and wouldn't mind giving it a go, also what's the dry dash receiver like as have some dashing coming up so think might try that too, cheers
  15. Bones10


    Am looking at buying some jub, I used it once before was around £70 a tub form my local merchants, where do you lads buy yours and roughly how much? Cheers all
  16. Bones10

    Sbr onto scratch coat

    I'm rendering on a job at min but blockwork is sucking in like mad, was thinking of x3 coats of SBR onto scratch coat, do you reckon this will work?
  17. Bones10

    Mono patching?

    Hi lads I got to price a job, it'sthe side of house been done out of parex monocouche, the existing has a crack and wants sorting, I have never done patching with mono and not to sure if you can or not? Any of you lads patched with this stuff?
  18. Bones10


    Where do you lads buy your fibres for rendering? I have not got anywhere local that sell them and wack want £120...... Seems a bit expensive?
  19. Bones10

    Rendering a arch?

    Lads I got the render the side of house but it has two chimneys going up around 3m high and 3m apart before they join together to make 1 big arch, what would you say best way to get good angles on arch for when I'm beading? Cheers lads
  20. Bones10

    Re render whole house 270m2

    Alright lads need a bit of advice really. Been asked to render a house for a builder I use, but they house has pebble dash on at min about 40 yrs old I would of thought, I told customer to remove back to block work and start again, however he is almost insisting I should just render over the top...
  21. Bones10

    Getting on new build sites?

    Hey lads I have worked on new build sites in past and was thinking of getting back into it rather then doing up joe blogs house down the road, I worked for 1 company but now they have stopped trading and wondered how most of you get contacts to get on site? Ie who do you call to get ya foot...
  22. Bones10

    EZE spat

    I bought a EZE spat other day and plastic trowel from Ryan at Plasterers1stop , used it today on 50m2 ceiling and was a life saver, as I didn't have a labourer it saved alot of time, I use to use speed skim but much prefer the spat, very good tool and price, only downside is non adjustable...
  23. Bones10

    My 1st spat

    I popped down to Ryan @ plasterers 1 stop shop on Saturday and picked up a 1m eze spat and plastic finishing trowel and couple other things, got great price and even a couple freebies :)!! he even showed me how easy it is to swap blades( 20min later:RpS_thumbsup:) So I just wanted to check...
  24. Bones10

    Dab in a can

    God knows the actual name of the stuff, but has anyone used this stuff, can't see how you can Dab with some kind of foam.
  25. Bones10

    Are you a labourer in swindon?

    Alright lads, I could do with a labourer, as stated I'm based in swindon, wilts, I can't promise every day as some customers are not willing to pay that bit more for a labourer. But I'll get you on the trowel as much as poss, so if you keen and local pm me your number and we will sort something...
  26. Bones10

    Tyrolen gun

    Has any1 tried the faithful Tyrol gun? And any good? Need a new one and don't want to spend £100+ as faithful ones sell for £50 cheers
  27. Bones10

    Rough cast advice needed please

    Right lads. I have been asked to rough cast some patches on house blocked up windows etc, however I have never done it, done pebble dash etc shite loads but the real problem I'm stuck on is the customer has already put a scratch and top coat on other day as he was going to do it himself but now...
  28. Bones10

    Little **** nicked my speedskim

    Alright lads some little Git has stole my speed skim, which I used almost every day, so now need to buy another, but I was also looking at getting at spat instead, as never had one, which one would you recommend? i know speed skims are alot less money but alot of ppl rave about the spat.cheers boys
  29. Bones10

    Mixing parex by paddle

    Hi lads Im using parex monorex on a job next week but was wondering how I go about mixing it up as never used it, ie can I mix 2/3 bags at once or will it turn before I have chance to get it on the wall?? also how long do you leave it after its ruled before you scratch it? Or any other tips...
  30. Bones10

    Labourer needed

    I'm looking for a labourer in. Swindon area. will be mixing up sand&cement and loading up, start straight away
  31. Bones10

    No pva needed?

    Alright lads, has anyone used this new stuff out says you don't need to p a anymore.....? Uni finish I think it's called? Surely it will not be as good as normal way.
  32. Bones10


    Hi lads, I have to do some patching, (tyrolene) but wondered is it best method as some say you can Tyrol it same day as top coat others say no. I would of thought leave it 5days then Tyrol it??also I'm not using the bag stuff this time so need to mix it up, what mix is best 3-1? And do you put...
  33. Bones10

    Di canio LEGEND!

    Any Swindon town lads on here?
  34. Bones10

    north compared to south??

    I was wondering if any1 know what work is like up north? As mrs wants to move up there,co Durham area, and what's going rate there asim sure it's alot diff to down south, cheers
  35. Bones10

    Plastic render trowel

    Hi all I was wondering what the clear plastic trowels from refina are like for rendering with white cement? They are supposed to give a different Finnish compared to steel.... Anyone used one of these? Cheers
  36. Bones10

    What do I need

    Hi guys, I'm looking at getting a machine for multi Finnish but am completely lost to what I need etc, just wondered what is what, cheaper the better at the min but open to all options, help appreciated cheers
  37. Bones10

    Labourer needed Swindon area

    Need a decent labourer for a rendering job, but not a muppet that needs showing what to do all day long, pm me
  38. Bones10

    M2 a bag

    Anyone know how many m2 a bag on monocouche base cost does think its called mittie , cheers