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  1. quinns

    Airless plaster

    Have you tried the Airless Finish light? very fine smooth finish, less "gritty" than Airless Finish,. FYI look out for thr next generation of Knauf Airless Finish coming soon.
  2. quinns

    Any one do airless ?

    Knauf offer training in all our finishing products at both Immingham and Sittingbourne, we are also developing a bespoke Airless Training course to NVQ2 level, contact our office for more details.
  3. quinns

    Any one do airless ?

    Guys, 1) Gloss paint would need to be keyed, emulsion paints can be sprayed over. 2) speed wise in a single room, I would agree traditional would be as quick if not quicker in terms of wverall time, but airless would enable you tp prep and first coat in a morning, work elsewhwere in the...
  4. quinns

    Need help with Airless spraying

    Easterflow080708, sounds like Knauf Airless Plaster is the solution you need. Much less stressful on the body, upto 3 mtrs from floor level, better productivity, no waste and no mixing. We work with a training provider based in Swansera if you are interested in getting involved or just seeing...
  5. quinns

    Want to learn spray plastering

    Guys, if you are interested in attending a spray course at either our Immingham or Sittingbourne training centres contact our offices or email me at and we will organise accordingly.
  6. quinns

    Want to learn spray plastering

    You are right the prep does need to be good, but depending on which plaster you use some are a bit more forgiving. Knauf Airless Finish has good filling capability and therefore joints do not need to be sanded most of the time. After a two coat spray you will have 2mm on the wall after sanding...
  7. quinns

    Airless plaster on site.

    The Knauf Airless system is being used a fair bit in residential apartments and plots, has been used on several Crest Nicholson sites, McCarthy Stone sites, recently 480 apartments in Stratford at the Olympic park. cleaner, less hassle from the decorators, a much more consistent finish. Give me...
  8. quinns

    Faster? Machine or Hand

    Knauf Airless Finishing is the answer to machine spraying, no water, no cleaning pipes out every day, clean and fast and a consistent finish. If any one wants to see the / use the system contact Knauf for a demonstration or attend one fo our spray events, I am sure Danny will be organising...
  9. quinns

    Knauf Airless Day At Immingham

    Zolco, give me a call, number on my profile page, I can give you some guidance, as a rough guide you would be looking st 10 pallets of material for 6,000m2.
  10. quinns

    Knauf Airless Day At Immingham

    Just like to thank all those for attending today Knauf Airless Plaster Introduction at Immingham, Vincey, Scottie 5, Theclemo, Zolco, Doug and Danny. We will be looking to organise another day at Sittingbourne in March, if you would like to attend please contact Danny who will advise dates etc...
  11. quinns

    Airless plaster machine.

    Guys we have a couple of demo days organised for TPF, both at our Immingham Factory, first on the 19th Jan, the second on the 26th Jan, liaise with Danny to book your space as numbers are limited per event. If Immingham isn't suitable please contact me direct from the 2nd Jan and we will...
  12. quinns

    Airless plaster

    Guys, providing the prep of the joints is good the Airless finish should be achievable without to many problems. If the boards are a bit proud, just feather the jointing out to lose the high points, when dry sand if required and then apply. Knauf provide good support for Airless Plasters, if you...
  13. quinns

    Knauf Spray Finishes Event

    Guys, the Finishes event was well received with over 25 attendees on the day, will advise of the next event early in the ne year, points made around notice period has been duly noted. Hopefully see more of you at the next event(s)
  14. quinns

    Knauf Spray Finishes Event

    Just thought I would let you know next Thursday 8th December we are holding a Finishes Event at Encon in Dagenham, (see attached invite Flyer) we will have 4 timed demos of the Knauf Ready mixed Finishing products as well as showing our jointing compounds and accessories. Refreshments available...
  15. quinns

    Knauf spray plaster

    Danny, would be happy to arrange some dates in the new year.
  16. quinns

    Knauf spray plaster

    Guys, it is very easy to sand, very little pressure required, also easy to patch with.
  17. quinns

    Is Skimming Dying out?

    Guys, wow, what a discussion topic, it has certainly generated some interest. Seeing is believing! If any of you guys want to see these products being applied then please get in touch, we can facilitate demos at our training schools, at your premises and if suitable on site. The market is...
  18. quinns

    Is Skimming Dying out?

    Hi All, the Knauf ready mixed plasters are ideal for re-skims, over existing painted plaster, new plaster and excellent on old listed buildings where lime cements and plasters have been previously used. Because they are breathable, they allow the existing background to breath. Knauf have...
  19. quinns

    Spraying Knauf mp finish

    Royal blue, as Currier has suggested the Ready Mixed plaster is a much cleaner application and is done using Airless piston pump technology (Paint Spraying) you don't work the material like you would for MP Finish, it is spray flatten and move on, you do this process twice and even allowing for...
  20. quinns

    knauf airless. backing coat and finish

    As Currier have suggested the Airless Backing plaster is more for thin joint block systems, where tolerance tend to be far less than on standard block wok walls, the term Airless is down t the delivery method, i.e. no compressor, just a high pressure piston pump. Having said that a Rito will...
  21. quinns

    Knauf Spray Plaster Keeps Hotel Construction On Fast Track

    Guys, thanks for all the positive feedback and am delighted you have had a successful first experience using the Airless Finish Plaster. Just to advise we have two other products in the range, Airless Backing for direct application to concrete and poorer backgrounds and Airless Duradeco for High...
  22. quinns

    Airless spray plaster

    Hi Guys, if you want to give me a call I'll talk you through coverage rates per bag, machine types / costs etc. we provide technical support and training. My number is 07771 805996. Clive, Knauf.
  23. quinns

    Spraying plaster

    Danny, we could certainly organise a day at the Immingham plant for those who would like to see the product / system and can't easily get to Kent. Spray plaster is growing in popularity and the we are seeing rapid growth both in the number of people now using the products and in volume. It is...
  24. quinns

    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Further to Richards comments, the biggest problem is that merchants will not stock two plaster brands, it will be Knauf or BG, demand helps us to get product on the ground, we can help to get a merchant to stock Knauf plasters, give us a call if we can assist.
  25. quinns

    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Hi Nisus, what backgrounds would you want this for? we might have a two coat option.
  26. quinns

    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Clemo, Knauf MP Finish is now manufactured using FGD Gypsum.
  27. quinns

    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Hi Plasterers Forum Members, Further to our post, if you would like any additional information or would like to see a demonstration of the products please do not hesitate to get in touch with either myself or Michael. The Knauf Team.
  28. quinns

    Knauf Ready Mixed Plasters

    Clemo, Michael Covers Ireland both North and South, product is readily available.
  29. quinns

    spraying finish

    The Knauf Airless Finish can be sprayed through an Airless piston pump machine which you can also use to spray paints with, machines can be hired or purchased from a number of outlets, Knauf have a range of products to suit all backgrounds, if you want any additional info give me a call.
  30. quinns

    do you just plaster

    Hi, at Knauf we have a range of Airless Spray Plasters formulated to be applied through the Graco Airless type machines, we also have a primer surfacer to apply an equivalent to a mist and one coat of paint. Knauf provide training and technical advice, if you would like more info contact me by...
  31. quinns

    I want a ritmo! I think

    Jim85, there is more than option for spray plaster, suggest you contact steve currier, on here as currier plastering, who does spray with different systems to get a users view. Quinns Knauf.
  32. quinns

    Ritmo or dedicated sprayer?

    There are a couple of options that work really well with the material, a Graco Mk5 or a Wagner PS39 both with a 531 - 535 nozzles.
  33. quinns

    Machine spray spread

    Hi Dalestan, have you considered getteing involved with Knauf Ready mixed plasters, entry cost of machines is much less than for powder plasters and the labour element is considerably less, which will help with "knackered shoulder", if you would like any info or discuss give me a call, number on...
  34. quinns

    Airless plasterers wanted!

    Hi Nisus, what machines do you use and have you applied the Knauf Airless product? Give me a call to discuss.........number on profile
  35. quinns

    Knauf one coat

    Hi Spreader 27, when you say One Coat, do you mean a skim plaster at 3mm or a One Coat at 13mm for block work? If it's the skim plaster the main difference is the initial set time of 40 - 45 mins, after this it is the same as our competitors. If I can be of help give me a call on 07771 805996. Clive
  36. quinns

    Skimming over paint

    Should have added, because the Ready Mixed plaster is not Gypsum based it behaves differently, and it is the polymers and organics binders that enables the product to perform in refurb situations.
  37. quinns

    Skimming over paint

    Yep, the product has been used in a number of refurb projects on listed buildings directly applied to painted surfaces, because the product has the binders in it already it has very good adhesion to the majority of backgrounds. It is also breathable so can be used on lime cement and plasters...
  38. quinns

    Skimming over paint

    Guys, Knauf Ready mixed plaster can be applied directly to pianted surfaces, no PVA, scrape of loose stuff, repair cracks etc. and then apply the ready mixed plaster by hand for small areas or spray machine for larger areas.
  39. quinns

    Knauf MPFinish useful video links ( hand and spray applied )

    Carlos, the Knauf range consists of MP Finish - skim coat to plasterboards and concrete (with Betokontakt), MP75NL a one coat plaster for Block work. can be applied upto 20mm, after sponging the fats are bought to the surface and trowelled as a skim coat, and the ready mixed plaster range. For...
  40. quinns

    Knauf Plaster Roadshow Gatwick

    Airborne, genuinley disappointed to hear that, would you mind calling me to discuss. 07771 805996 or send your contact details to and i'll contact you.
  41. quinns

    Any one on here in my area using thistle spray finish or knauf mp finish "NORFOLK"

    Give me a call on 07771 805996 and we can talk about getting you to see Knauf MP Finish spray applied.
  42. quinns

    Knauf Plaster Roadshow Gatwick

    Knauf will be holding an event near leeds in September, contact your local Knauf contact for more information.
  43. quinns

    MP Finish

    Hi Builderboi, if you need any other info on the MP Finish get in touch, details on profile, mainly the initial set is between 35-40 minutes after that no different, hand applied is sponged. Quinns.
  44. quinns

    spraying finish in new builds.

    Steve, we will need to trial this machine, the last experience we had with one of these was 3-4 years ago, i'll arrange for you to have some material sent over or you can come to the training centre, what tip sizes have you got, can you get? ideally 531 - 535. Clive
  45. quinns

    spraying finish in new builds.

    Steve, should be able to arrange, have a couple of freindly subbies that do help out, what machine did you get?
  46. quinns

    spraying finish in new builds.

    Quinns here, Knauf also provide training on all of our spray plasters, MP75 & MP Finish Gypsum plasters, and if your concernes about mess the new Ready mixed plaster range that if very clean to apply. If you would like to know more get in touch. As Runswithscissors says, Currier is your man.
  47. quinns

    Thistle one coat

    Steve, we have anumber of guys using the RMP products on their own projects, a couple who look for labour only aswell. I'll call you to discuss.
  48. quinns

    Thistle one coat

    Yes and we have a few!
  49. quinns

    Thistle one coat

    Guys, I agree with Gibbo, opening the surface with a spat before sponging minimises bubbling of the plaster, as aguide complete start to finish for MP75 is 3hs 30mins to 4 hrs and sprayed to 70-75 mtr gauges a day can be applied. If you need any more assistance with Mp75 or any other Knauf...