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  1. hollybank

    I'm a mug - Van insurance

    Most of these insurance policies are police purposes only. Try and put a claim in and there will be a lot of red tape involved. Try and keep safe guys!
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    Smashing. Done where do I pay? Nigeria?
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    Have you watched 50 shades of gray?
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    How much is the postage? £12.99?
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    She took one of your spaces then?:LOL:
  7. hollybank

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    That’s the way to roll (y)
  8. hollybank

    Holidays 2021

    I’m giving this year a miss,hopefully trying to get some time off to repair my wall which was damaged after Christmas. 2022 deffo off to Dubai first class see how the other half lives!
  9. hollybank

    Stopped quoting jobs

    Same as I’m pricing work to f**k it off! Sick of it now.
  10. hollybank

    Access help or advice??

    Take some of the spindles out that will allow a plank to be threaded through onto a ladder
  11. hollybank

    Are plasterer selling them selfs short.

    You can get that top rate down south but you try and get that further north and you will get laughed at,unless it’s insurance work.
  12. hollybank

    Thank god for flexi trowels.

    If you have enough to do then you would f**k the job off! Comprede?
  13. hollybank

    Bostik green grit.

    Not for much longer Travis have sold Wickes off!
  14. hollybank

    Bostik green grit.

    10 liters from Travis cheaper than Wickes
  15. hollybank

    Turnover test - 5th Grant

    It was eat out to help out! Not drink to help out! :ROFLMAO:
  16. hollybank

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    My dad had one of them it was about £700 brand new in 1972. So it’s still held its money then?:LOL:
  17. hollybank

    So it's settled then..

    This time next year we will be millionaires then! :ROFLMAO: If we can understand what he has written!
  18. hollybank

    So it's settled then..

    So what do you southerners call the board what sits on your trestle?
  19. hollybank

    Mugs pricing jobs!

    Chancers m8. Some of the render jobs I’ve seen around here when the multi was on shortages are absolutely diabolical.
  20. hollybank

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    1.6 litre engine. Bit much to ask that engine to pull over 3 ton laden. The new trafic has a 2.0 engine now. A mate of mine has just bought one 170 odd bhp and auto too.
  21. hollybank

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    I would think so my turbos went @26,000 then 2000 miles later.
  22. hollybank

    Hello from Yorkshire

    Loads of people from Yorkshire on here you’ll feel right at home. @John j is your main man!
  23. hollybank

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Didn’t used to like French vehicles but they do have a bit of charm about them. Especially the rat look berlingo I have.
  24. hollybank

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Had to get rid of it because pulling out onto roundabout s was dangerous (non turbo version)
  25. hollybank

    Learner plasterer
  26. hollybank

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Had a Hilux in the 90s used it for work and going out in , still drew good money for it 10 years ago.
  27. hollybank

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    All vans today have their problems, I bought a vivaro bi turbo all singing and dancing. 3 odd years ago and it was totally garbage,spent 4 months at the dealers with a partial engine rebuild. They wouldn’t loan me a van while it was getting fixed so I ended up buying a £200 20 year old berlingo...
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    Old time spreads

    Are you going to invent something for this too?
  29. hollybank

    blue s**t

    Tents ready,rod may need a dusting off.
  30. hollybank

    blue s**t

    When this lockdown is over you are quite welcome to visit,i dont think you will last long in this crazy house. I will get a bigger fridge.:birra:
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    Were they cheap????
  32. hollybank

    blue s**t

    Same as,thats why i f**k off work out of the way lol. What with dogs, horses ,chickens,kids and her im well blessed. :LOL:
  33. hollybank

    blue s**t

    There is one thing,he wont be in work this morning. Good lad.(y)
  34. hollybank

    Trowel size.

    Are you still using the Nela to finish?
  35. hollybank

    Plastering prices

    They dont like taking it though,its handled like it has the lurgy.
  36. hollybank

    Plastering prices

    Very limited to what you can buy with cash nowadays.
  37. hollybank

    Plastering prices

    Disagree? That’s not logical!
  38. hollybank

    Plastering prices

    Price it high, then it gives everyone a chance of keeping their prices up. We are in feast times at the moment! No one rule don’t undersell your self. No 2 rule work smarter not harder.
  39. hollybank

    oldest plasterer in u.k. has died

    Who’s the eldest on here then now hobo or malc ?
  40. hollybank

    Falcon Corex

    Travis,I think artisan is written on the edge of the board.
  41. hollybank

    Falcon Corex

    I’ve been using them Turkish plasterboard this week and they arnt too bad to cut and skim
  42. hollybank

    You know when you been caspered

    Another £80 extra
  43. hollybank

    Could someone explain to me about Damp Proofing?

    Have you got damp sams number as I something interesting to show her?
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    @Casper :sick:
  45. hollybank

    pimlico plumbers london

    That’s a bit harsh, :LOL: