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    Material price increases

    I remember digging out the foundations for Stonehenge, all the materials bought from B & Q.
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    Tapit tape

    I am not going to risks using it, I read that after it being used 20 million times, 22 beads failed. Or was that something else?
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    Looks more dangerous than a chainsaw.
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    How many gallons to the mile are you getting?
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    We tried Airless plaster today

    Watch out for that trailing electrical lead, someone could trip over it.
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    Ceiling roses

    Option. Buy a cheap cast polystyrene ceiling rose from Amazon. Run a circular mould around it to make it more decorative. If you have to cut a profile for the running mould, try and pick up the same molding member that you have in the room on the architrave or skirting. If you only need one...
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    £35 per hour

    Mikey Thomas ex football play was making over £50 grand a week, working from home, after he finished playing football. Duncan Mackay Sunday 3 February 2002 The Observer 'So Roy Keane's on 50 grand a week. Mind you, I was on 50 grand a week until the police found my printing machine!' -...
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    £35 per hour

    I don't know, could you tell me why? When are you going to tell me? Are you going to tell me today?
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    Silly question but gonna ask anyway...

    You are spot on, It's a silly question.
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    Moisture board

    You must be the clever c**t that Damian was posting about?
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    Mono crack fix

    Bungle's brown?
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    I cant be the only one.

    Not so bad. As long as you did not under price the job, that's the expensive cock-up you don't want. I did it once on a job, short of white dash, jumped in van, grabbed 4 bags from builders merchants, got back to job, 4 bags of black dash.. (not in clear plastic) Only upside booked out white...
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    I cant be the only one.

    30 Bags = one third 60 Bags = two third 90 Bags = Gable- end Ask Nath80 how many bags you need? It's not 20 bags.
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    Type of trowel

    The time before the new wonderful safe product Artex with added asbestos. Polystyrene ceiling tiles, the must have ceiling finish,
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    Type of trowel

    Do you think they will be still applying plaster in 25 years time? We must be one of the few countries that still apply internal plaster to walls and ceilings.
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    Type of trowel

    When you get your trowel, file a small mark under the handle, and take a photo. If it gets mixed up, by mistake? and is put it into their tool bags,. You have a way to check if it's yours. Everyone loves a shine new plastering trowel when starting out, some will buy one some will just steal one.
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    Hello - first actual plastering attempt complete!

    Good place to start, you don't look at the ceiling when using the bathroom, Make sure you do a good job of the floor, which does get looked at.
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    Holidays 2021

    Living the dream
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    had the jab

    Well straight and lesbian porn, so most of you will be okay, if you can keep to watching the G** sh*t?
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    had the jab

    I hear you will have to type your vaccine code passport number in to be able to watch porn?
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    Do you hang your coat, on the brush hook?
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    Advice needed

    If you need to ask, then don't do the plastering yourself, you will end up needing more filler. As spread95 said, fine coat and sand. If you are still unsure, one coat of paint on the wall will give you the answer
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    had the jab

    Maybe that's what they will do if people under 30 don't take the vaccine. They will make cannabis legal and just add a bit of vaccine, then they will be taking the vaccine and helping the economy.
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    Had a nightmare

    Think of learning to plaster like driving, yes you get a piece of paper when you pass, but is does not stop you from a crash and burn. Get the basic skills in training, then the experience working with good plasterers who are will to pass on their skills and knowledge is the best training you...
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    Sand a cement on internal walls with mutifinish?

    The good old days. I remember them well.
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    First attempt at rendering didn't go very well!

    Yes but you have learnt, to wipe your finger across your nose, just before you get smashed. No comment about watching YouTube 10.000 times? He never would have been a good plasterer.
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    How to plaster/cover wooden shelf in faux chimney

    I would not pay your dad, for coming to your house doing such a bad job. You must have had a horrible time, putting up with someone so ungrateful, after you letting him waste his time doing work in your house. I bet he also had a couple of cup of tea which he did not pay for. You should call...
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    First attempt at rendering didn't go very well!

    So you can watch Youtube videos to become better at plastering. I will try that next time the wife catches me watching porn videos, I am only watching them so I become a better lover?
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    Sand a cement on internal walls with mutifinish?

    It's not your fault you were born a c**t Raf121
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    Cracks in plastered walls.

    Go on a 6 day course to learn how to do it, don't take the the 5 day course they keep all the important information until day 6.
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    Little repointing job

    Always get the apprentice to do the easy sections under the stairs.
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    Another new trowel from NELA - PREMIUM ELITE

    Hope that is going to be diet coke, don't want to get fat?
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    had the jab

    Had my jab today, felt a bit of a small prick.
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    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    I don't think you are allowed to say bi door anymore. LGBT will be kicking off.
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    Hi there

    First tip and advise, don't put your fish in a kettle.
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    Access help or advice??

    You have to blame the customer for making the dog put a mask on.
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    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    Maybe be flat, but out of level. DIYMatt would not be happy with that.
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    Access help or advice??

    Was it the mask or was it the quality of work? Did the dog have a spirit level with him?
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    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    How did he find out? I bet you told him you slag .
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    Rendering shed at bottom without dpc

    A single course wall, with no DPC, it will be a race against rising damp and penetrating damp. My money is on the penetrating damp.
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    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    Seriously, just live with it. Go for matt paint.
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    Ceiling flatness after skimming

    Only a problem when you play snooker on the ceiling the ball roll to the hollow. Unless you packed out the timber joists, then the plasterboards would not have been within 1-2mm. If you can live with the walls being out, then the ceiling has been done to match the walls.
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    Looking for a London Plasterer/Renderer!

    Occupied house, that will attract all the nicker sniffers.
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    Lumpy plaster

    I am a plasterer that made a mistake, replying to you post. Have you have a sense of humour by-pass.
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    Lumpy plaster

    Playing with it too much, too early, and then leaving the job too early and not giving final dry trowel. A small bit of sanding will get it back smooth. Try and be just as fussy when you paint it, two coats in one day with you cheap B & Q roller.
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    Hi I had leaking window..

    Just make sure all loose plaster is cut back. Cut back to give a rough straight line shape. Use drywall joint filler, premixed is easier to use, apply .allow to dry, sand back, fill again and sand back again. The better you fill the less sanding, but keep filling and sanding back to existing...