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    Still problems with multi and board??!!

    Today was first day of multi actually setting off ok, as it was 11 degrees. Its winter timing which is s**t, gauges taking up to 3 hours on board etc. I just flat it down a leave it for ages till it goes really tacky. Marshall Town pretty much all the way till the end. Then flex.
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    Whats your van like on diesel? Whats the horse power? Does it feel a lot faster than most cars ? I got 120hp in my vivaro, but thinking of doing some sort of remap in the future. Its still fast enough but just want to making best i can. New wheels etc.
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    Noobie, looking for tool advice

    Fair play to you for trying. Post some pictures as you go so we might be able to give you some tips etc.
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    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    I bought vivaro in October, 17 plate. Brilliant van and looks really nice too. Interior compared to my old dispatch is mental.
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    Is this a Good Price

    I didn't bother. They offered me different job to do instead as i said it would be really awkward with customer, and when I mentioned my day rate as this is how they wanted to pay me they offered me £170 cash which I refused to do for as its way below my rate (if I do day work), there's no way...
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    Is this a Good Price

    There's always someone who's doing s**t for s**t money. I'm Polish and I really price myself, simply want to earn good money and I hate undercutting. Few weeks ago I had a other plastering company asking me if I can give them a hand as they got s**t loads on. I had a gap in my calendar of 3...
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    Getting a bit more on

    Don't think he is as its "dobry wieczor" but fair enough for effort
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    Getting a bit more on

    I'm Polish and there's no way in he'll I'll be ever doing that. Quality over quantity and off home after day of graft to play with my boy. Mind you I'm not planning to ever go back to Poland so maybe that's why.
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    Anyone with experience from previous recessions/hard times

    I got a used van on finance just before Christmas, I needed one as my old banger was struggling, I knew that I definitely don't want to pay cash, as it was a lot so did that. Paying just over 200 quid a month, happy days. Smiling driving to work, I know I can trust it as its pretty much new.
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    Aqua panel question..

    Maybe, it was years ago and I just remember the constant peeling, it was only furthering into it but still nightmare to get good finish
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    Aqua panel question..

    Plaster doesn't stick to it. Its waterproof. Its peeling really badly.Had guy once trying to dot and dab a sheet of it onto block wall and he pvaed the back of it 3 times and it didn't stick at all
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    Sponge float.

    I use this method on universal one coat if thats what he meant. Would never do that on multi lol
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    Sponge float.

    I do, put on, flatten with mt steel trowel, second coat, let it go in for 20 ming, sponge + mt, then wait another 20 min, sponge and flex 2, then give it a hard one once dry, but when toweling, you really have to push the flex hard to give it shine, you can even hard trowel next day if still wet
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    Drywall bit

    I use dewalt one, they are nippy but if you careful then it's a dream tool. Can't imagine not using impact for boarding.
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    It was just a brick, side of it was kind of stepped brick so had to build it out, meshed it etc . Thanks mate.
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    Plastic bag around the edges does the magic
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    Love the one coat, you can pretty much shape it to whatever you want.
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    Blow ceiling plaster different thicknesses

    If its thinner in some places then thicker then that ceiling was quite a shape, your plasterer was obviously trying to straight it out as much as he could. To why this is cracking and coming off maybe because artex was really glossy and he used pva instead of something with grit in it.
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    Should we be disappointed with this job?

    This is shocking, how they get away with this ? You should have metal edge of the bead visible all the way round, nicely wiped to create sharp corner. Same with internal corners, looks like they never used twitcher in their life...
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    Dodgy plaster

    It depends on the background, if you pva and you can pretty much feel pva few min after applying it, then you definitely need another coat and best to get it on when tacky, but as someone mentioned above, worth keeping a sponge float in your toolbox just in case. Works magic.
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    Looking for advice

    This is such a wind up, from the start this sounds dodgy. If you are real guy, and really you are quite happy to call people thick and abuse them, then I feel for people living with you. Fair enough if you think you can do some work yourself but you should respect that some people doing it for...
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    The Roaring 20s is upon us

    Wondering how they managed to make vaccine in such a short time. I was reading yesterday on quora an article from a epidemiologist and she was saying that to make a safe vaccine on virus they know, takes around 7-8 years (they still don't 100% know what corona virus is and how it works)...
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    I think the only reason building merchants were shut last time was because they had to train their stuff to deal with covid safety measures, put signes up, get it all approved etc. Now its all ready so really doubt they'll shut. Bnq in swindon was like a f**k**g Christmas sale, people need to...
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    So far only one cancellation. I got a feeling people won't give a f**k about this lock down. I'm just hoping suicide rates won't go higher than a most dangerous flu
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    Bad plastering

    Flat one using flex 2, this is why it looks like this
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    Universal one coat heat resistance

    I wouldn't use it inside fire place, its a brilliant material but I really doubt its heat resistance.
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    Van finance

    That's why I went for hire purchase. Once paid off then is mine, there's no balloon payment or anything like that. I don't have to worry about not getting it damaged too much too. You definitely get still a lot of kit for the money on used vans, maybe not the best tech etc but it'll do.
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    Casper posts he’s work !!!!

    Got a awkward one...
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    Van finance

    I was gonna get just rear door wrapped, instead of doing what I did before which was all over the van (logo and writing) as single letters etc, I'm worried about paint fading
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    Van finance

    Thanks for reminding, did it already. And thanks I personally hate white vans so I'm chuffed with the colour
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    Van finance

    Finally bought it 4 days ago, absolutely love it, thanks for all of your suggestions.
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    I had it for about 3 weeks, I was worried I'm gonna have it for years to come but it went on its own. I'm only 26 so just scared it'll come back. It was absolutely life destroying. I feel for you guys.
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    Terrible skimming competition

    That was a whole house reskim done by some cowboys, I got through recommendation to fix the whole shate, so I did it, owner was so pleased that I thought she'll shag me.
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    Masking tape

    I got some beams to cover up and was wondering what's the best masking tape you used and where to get it from. Cheers
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    Whenever plasterboard was put like for few months prior to plastering, I always pva it, f**k knows what amount of dust on it and any grease etc, rather that than it going off in minutes.
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    How’s work

    I'm pricing up loads but keep losing it due to people charging a lot less, but I guess just stick to it. I won't do it any cheaper
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    Need advice - is this plastering up to standard?

    I'll never understand how people think they gonna get away with that kind if "finish "
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    I sponge my work second trowel straight after initial cross one, if it ripples of course, it gives away better fat to fill in with and the flex2 pass it's a dream. But definitely every batch of plaster is different.
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    Hard decision to make

    Working with family member is a f**k**g hard work, I worked with my brother for few months years ago and we used to argue a lot. Don't miss it. Since he's got his own business and I got my own we are much happier and it's a lot easier to talk.
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    And so... is this the end...?!

    I stopped doing downhill biking, had few smashes just before lockdown and I couldn't move. Tried to clear a double and went straight over the bars. I miss it though, and will definitely still do it and pray for luck, I just enjoy bit of adrenaline. Anyone here into mtb ?
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    Van finance

    Getting Vauxhall vivaro sport 17 plate. Got a bit more for mine than I was expecting and payments are not that high. Its hp as well so will own the van in the future 5 year deal. Long wheel base only 50k miles on it and my favourite dark grey
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    Van finance

    f**k, if taxman is paying might as well go for vw transporter + hookers on the back
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    Van finance

    Right, drove transit 20 plate, really liked it, absolutely top of the top of vans. Would love one but payments are fair but high. Then later today I looked at 17 plate transit custom and although quite basic compared to 20 plate the payments and deposit are piss cheap and I would own the van at...
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    Van finance

    Going to test drive a custom tomorrow. Hoping to sort it out by the end of the month. Getting fed up with my van.
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    Van finance

    Renault was a joke, £400 a month with nearly 3k deposit over 5 years, no thank you. Vanarama seems to have a lot better deals. I did like to drive that Renault it makes you think about what difference it is between my old one... I got ford transit custom booked to test drive next week so I'm...
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    Van finance

    Same here, can't imagine keeping it pristine over 3/4 years, even though my van is always kept in clean condition
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    Van finance

    I saw their deal and they are actually reasonable, how long did you wait for the vehicle? I'm surprised their calculated tax together with monthly direct debit, that makes it easier to calculate out of the income