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  1. K

    Masking tape

    I got some beams to cover up and was wondering what's the best masking tape you used and where to get it from. Cheers
  2. K

    Van finance

    Hi, anyone of you got van on finance? If so what type of finance? Also what make and model and how much you pay ? I'm considering doing it maybe next year, my van is reaching really high mileage and I can feel it in my bones that it won't make it next year, so would rather just sell it soon.
  3. K

    Make good bonding

    Hi, anyone tried to do a zombie mix with make good bonding and finish for artex ceilings? Cheers.
  4. K

    Priced up

    So I've done a hallway today, ceiling, 3 walls (one was already plastered as I work for the guy before) a lot of angles, stop beads around the edge of ceiling etc. Messaged him with 210 price which I think is cheap but anyway, he says to me that why is he paying £60 on top of my wages. I'm...
  5. K

    Tips for artex skimming

    Hi, just wondering if you got any tips for skimming over artex? I had a job few weeks back and it was artex overskim and I normally scrape high spots pva and 2 coats of multi finish but apparently few bits of artex came through so I'm open to ideas of how to improve it. Cheers
  6. K


    Hi, so i was wondering how to buy materials for jobs, up until now I was just buying on my debit card in say wickes and then charging customer with like 10% profit on it, but im worried about large amounts of money going into my bank and I don't really know how to put that through quickbooks...
  7. K

    Starting as a self employed

    Hi, I got few questions regarding going self employed. I'm working for a company right now, I worked for this company last 4 years and I learned plastering and all aspects of it but what us crap is that I'm basically on really s**t money, its literally came to the point that I would probably...