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    If ever a story summed up climate change

    And how we deal with it it's this Warmest January since 1900 so they've helicoptered snow in lol. No hope for us
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    Sick day

    Well there goes my run of about 5 years without pulling a sicky. Last day of the year aswell! Just can't drag myself out of bed. How long is it since you didn't make it to work?
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    Why are some brands of beads about 75-80 degrees rather than 90? Pain in the arse
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    Customers chasing you for a quote

    Absolute pet hate, did a quote Tuesday evening already text asking where the quote is.... it would piss me off abit anyway, but wife's in hospital (which I told them on the quote, as I was running late) and little girl had first day of school yesterday. It's honestly like customers think all we...
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    Wickes plasterboard price

    £7.50 now the c**ts. Swear it was £6.50 last week. And adhesive is £10 a bag aswell
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    No such thing as a half day

    Just done 2 of them and home and showered with a beer in hand by 1:30. Got to love the half day jobs :birra:
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    4 options

    Old houses when you turn up to do the job and realise alot more is blown than you realised on the quote. Do you 1. PVA it and crack on 2. Take off the worst knowing that you're really just loosening more and it's pointless 3. Hack it all off, and float the walls 4. Say na thanks I'm off home...
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    Underside of lintel on fire place

    What do you guys do when you've got a chimney breast to plaster. The renders come off around the opening so I've patched in with hardwall but the lintel always a b*****d do you bead it with render beads and skim the underside too? It's only decorative no log burner going in
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    How soon to skim dot and dab?

    Started at 8:30 and home by 1:30... Naughty, or the standard?
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    Every builder can skim abit...

    And the worst ceiling I've had to overboard. I hate old houses, 2 inches out over 500mm
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    Is that the soonest you can do it?

    Had a phone call, got a couple of ceilings need skimming wondering when your next availability is? "You're in luck actually I've had a job postponed Wednesday". Is that the soonest you can do it? "Yes it's in 2 days time...." Oh ok I'll ring around a few other people then, thanks. f**k**g hell fire
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    Political threads

    Putting up things about far right or far left parties or people on a plastering forum? Shall we just keep it about plastering, and have abit of a laugh along the way? It's going going to divide opinion and cause arguments and we aren't going to solve world problems on here
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    Customer houses with pets

    You ever had to leave a job because the house smelt so bad? I honestly might have to finish this set and have an awkward conversation with the owner