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    Question about bondit/scratch coat

    Hi all, On Friday at college I started a module in which I had to use bonding plaster for the first time. It was 2 bond it coats/ 2 multi on (internal) painted brick wall surface. I forgot to write notes as I did it and I'm now a bit confused about the scratch coat and PVA. I know its so the...
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    Starting back on course tomorrow - anyone else?

    Hi Guys, I am 3 weeks into my C & G entry level plastering course. Its the first part of a 'carousel' course and we do 8 week sections on various trades from plastering to carpentry through the year. I think this is a good idea as you get to try out each trade before choosing the diploma in...
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    newbie, staring college course next week.

    Hi all, Hope your doing well. Newbie here, i'm starting college course in Plastering next week. Really looking forward to it and will probably have lots of stupid questions in the following weeks....:RpS_laugh: Cheers,