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  1. TonyM

    Airless plaster sprayer.

    Will do. He’s supposed to be having it this week. Going to spend a couple of days with him on a job, showing him the prep and the ins and outs of the sprayer
  2. TonyM

    Wanted board lift

    Got a sumner which is great, but big bucks
  3. TonyM

    Airless plaster sprayer.

    Got a buyer mate. Thanks anyway
  4. TonyM

    The big one’s coming

    We used trim tex corner and splayed beads.
  5. TonyM

    The big one’s coming

    I didn’t supply them but will find out. They are powder coated and can be supplied in colours too. About £1.60 a metre
  6. TonyM

    The big one’s coming

    Too many fags
  7. TonyM

    The big one’s coming

    The roof
  8. TonyM

    The big one’s coming

    Sprayed this f**k*r today.
  9. TonyM

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    I’d rather walk than drive a Peugeot
  10. TonyM

    Knauf Plaster Board Adhesive

    Stuff was either damp or out of date. Lafarge lasts the longest
  11. TonyM

    Vans? Are they all total rubbish?

    You obviously want a Caddy. Buy one, and if the injectors go, get them fixed. Stop being a skinflint. Have the van you want.
  12. TonyM

    Drywall Routers??

    I bought the Hilti one but never use it. Only bought the bare tool as I have batteries and chargers. Pad saw is neater.
  13. TonyM

    Airless plaster sprayer.

    Out of the blue today, a plasterer called me today enquiring about airless as he’s thinking about trying it. He popped over to the job and is interested in the sprayer. Going to come and have a go tomorrow.
  14. TonyM

    Airless plaster sprayer.

    Actually only used it on 6 properties in5 yrs. Don’t push the airless either as I prefer boarding
  15. TonyM

    Airless plaster sprayer.

    Thinking about selling my airless plaster set up. Graco GMax 5900HD, 90ltr hopper with bag roller. Brand new 30m spare hose. It’s not getting the use it should, as I’m too busy boarding to take on airless work. Everything is in excellent condition. Lots of spare tips. Looking for £2500 plus...
  16. TonyM

    Plasters & dot and dabbers

    Obviously not BA (Hons) English. Retarded at 45 more like.
  17. TonyM

    Air source heat pumps

    Cost a fortune initially and use electric to run. Load of s**t IMO
  18. TonyM

    Fixing tolerances for metal studs

    He’s on about the gap left between the screw and the edge of the board, be it the bound or cut edge.
  19. TonyM

    VAT reverse charge.

    Because I do mainly new work, I claim back every quarter. It’s to my benefit being registered
  20. TonyM

    VAT reverse charge.

    Nearly all my work is zero rated. Might not take on refurbs or commercial any more
  21. TonyM

    VAT reverse charge.

    f**k, forgot about that. Haven’t got my head around it yet
  22. TonyM

    Server Upgrade

    Glad you’re getting a new server. The last one spilt gravy in my lap and burnt my Willy.
  23. TonyM

    New Hilti Collated Attachment

    Notification from Hilti about these today. £114 plus vat. Of course I ordered one. Will play with it for a bit and tell you what it’s like.
  24. TonyM

    Air test score of 1

    The only reason architects want a low score, is to brag about it to their architect mates and clients, so it leads to more work. And for once I’m not joking.
  25. TonyM

    Air test score of 1

    Most of the high end timber frame s**t I work in comes out less than one. They use Propassiv smartply and air tape everything, even the screws. Can’t see dabbing getting that low.
  26. TonyM


    Just doing my bathroom at home. Walls are all over the f**k**g place, but that tile levelling system is a godsend .
  27. TonyM

    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    f**k**g hell. The crazy thing is, he could get that repaired under the lifetime warranty for about £60 and it would be like new.
  28. TonyM

    Mikita drywall cut out tool

    That makita thing is too bulky
  29. TonyM

    Dot and dab onto tanked wall

    Think you need a tight scratch coat or you’ll get dabs showing through on the boards, as the tanking slurry will condensate
  30. TonyM

    Tier 4.

    The locals will be reporting them
  31. TonyM

    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    Just bought new 4ah batteries. A lot lighter. ESP with the new lighter gun.
  32. TonyM

    Looking for a new collated screw gun

    I only supply Hilti screws. If you buy in bulk, they’re no more expensive than other brands.
  33. TonyM


    I’m intolerant to most people
  34. TonyM

    Glad to be part of the Community

    Regards is when you already have something in front of your fire, but out another one there, just in case. Like belt and braces. You’re welcome.
  35. TonyM

    Removing skim from osb board

    Paint it. Is the underside of the OSB exposed, or over grass or something. If so, it’s not going to last very long.
  36. TonyM

    Painting fresh tape and fill

    How much have you got to do. I use Freemans 555 drywall primer from Belmore. It’s about £40 for a 3 gallon bucket and is great stuff
  37. TonyM

    Drywall bit

    Drywall dimpler
  38. TonyM

    Drywall bit

    These are about 3p each
  39. TonyM


    It’s for taping, not skimming. The paper is quite delicate and not meant to be coated up .
  40. TonyM

    The big one’s coming

    Angle city.
  41. TonyM

    Future Energy...

    Don’t get air source. Takes electricity to run, and costs a fortune initially. Never going to get your money back.
  42. TonyM

    Future Energy...

    Log burners
  43. TonyM

    The big one’s coming

    From the bottom to the top and down again
  44. TonyM

    Anyone used these ?

    Put your highest stilettos on. That’s what they will be like.