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  1. J

    Looking for plasterer and renderer

    As have been shafted by a so called builder who's men did outside render and inside plaster(there's a couple of threads on it), we are looking for someone who knows what they are doing to do the whole lot again. We are especially worried the render will lead to damp inside and with two very...
  2. J

    How bad is this plastering?

    I posted pics of our dreadful rendering on another thread-i'd be interested in opinions of our interior plastering-done by same builder. I've told him it's shite, he thinks it's ok. It looks wayworse than these photos.
  3. J

    Does this rendering look acceptable?

    Hi I've had the side my house rendered but to me the job looks rough. The photos don't show how bad it really looks-not very smooth like I was told it would be. And the edges are not straight. Some bits have fallen off and underneath it is crumbly-a builder came and looked at it and said the...