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  1. Jmcl101

    K-Rend HP12 basecoat

    Got 35 bags of this stuff not used on a job. Does anybody want some for cheap? Based in Devon, will cut a good deal on it lads :) hit me up if interested. J
  2. Jmcl101

    Plaster in the eye

    I've got it in my eye a few times. It's generally not too bad it you can hose it out or rinse under the tap.. I've done it real bad once though, for a big bit stuck by my tear duct and had to get it washed out professionally. Not worth the risk for one set.
  3. Jmcl101

    Looks like a new van might be on the cards

    All about the new transit custom imo. But if you must have a VW, it's a T30 for me.
  4. Jmcl101

    Family Rates ?

    My family (that I like) get for free. Her family get charged full whack except her uncle (I like him also).. I think the richer ones should get it cheaper or free though, long term value and potentially gwt you in that will haha!!!!
  5. Jmcl101

    Wee bit rough

    Lol how do people even manage to get a lid THAT rough ! It's like he finished it with a broom !!
  6. Jmcl101

    I have never used an....

    Chuck some rapid in and get wickes accelerator, it's the best one I've used mate.. pretty cheap from memory and it def worked for us.
  7. Jmcl101

    Limelite High Impact Finish.

    Agree with above. Long as you've keyed the lime properly should be fine. Put the finish on a little thicker than you would multi.
  8. Jmcl101

    "You do for cheap price."

    Oh dear! Can't believe they didn't have h and s on a commercial roofing job ! Matey boy looks lovely, just the type you'd take to your grandmothers for Sunday lunch !
  9. Jmcl101

    Builders rendering

    f**k me what is that lol I wouldn't have touched that either Jesus !
  10. Jmcl101

    double kite winder

    +1 to plazi, the give in it helps curve it out.
  11. Jmcl101

    Tales of the site

    We did a job for this young bird a while back and while she was out drew straws, the loser (subby I was using) had to put a pair of her strides on and do a lap of the house !!! he put them on over his trousers though the pussy ! Another good one was boarding ceilings and had my lad holding the...
  12. Jmcl101

    Key stones and coins

    Where's the guy in Australia ? He posted some nice ones he'd done last summer. Can't remember his name now but work looked the b*ll***s
  13. Jmcl101

    K-rend suppliers in the south

    TP and CCF are competitive in south west. Also key line too.
  14. Jmcl101

    cracked render

    This It's gonna shrink like f**k that strong
  15. Jmcl101


    I've used this stuff once, was pretty similar to normal sand/lime mortar from what I remember. 4 days us about right, maybe even 5 with the temp where it is.
  16. Jmcl101

    Board joins/dubbing out

    Put it on thicker mate, an extra mm and you won't see a shadow
  17. Jmcl101

    First use of uni finish

    It doesn't look so glossy when it falls off the ceiling and you can see the artex underneath !
  18. Jmcl101

    Tales of the site

    ^ haha priceless. I hate dogs on the job. I got bitten by one last year, only a nip, I was going to boot the f**k**g thing until the owner walked in, then I just milked the injury so she locked the b*****d up !
  19. Jmcl101

    Tales of the site

    I've had bad guts at work before and been stranded. Went in the back of my Vito and sat on a plastering bucket. I was literally sweating it was so bad. Halfway through a f**k**g train stops 12 foot away from back of my van and they're all peering inI needed to go that bad I didn't really care...
  20. Jmcl101


    Thanks for replies, FYI there's loads more this year too, I've got 6 one off builds in for this year already. If I et a good couple of lads to sub this they'll be more coming def. Thanks for he kind words Oli, knew you'd be busy mate, good spreads are like parking spaces right? :)
  21. Jmcl101

    Old victorian skirting - New flooring

    The Carpenters forum ? :)
  22. Jmcl101

    Terms and conditions

    Send a written list of what you expect prior to start e.g move furniture, take down fittings, cup of tea ! I've walked off many a job when I turn up and there's a bed in the room !
  23. Jmcl101

    How long

    Supermatt or reflex can be applied the next day mate, no sure if you still have to water it down but I've seen our decorator paint next day when jobs behind
  24. Jmcl101

    Tales of the site

    Lots of time on my hands right now and I need a laugh so let's here some of your best stories from the building site !!! I'll go first > A few summers ago I landed a big new build in Cornwall for a farmer. He's been living in a caravan for a few years and finally got Dutchy to grant him a...
  25. Jmcl101

    Any quality lads in Devon ?!

    Playing bloody football :( Haven't played since my daughter was born (she's 3 now) and trained pre season this year and enjoyed it so much I decided to play again. I mullered this lad in a tackle (took the ball and him I'm not that unfair) and he landed on my shoulder and snap. Double...
  26. Jmcl101

    Mature apprentice / trainee available in north / mid devon

    I live just outside exeter mate, but we take work from Plymouth to Bristol, work for the same few developers all the time.
  27. Jmcl101

    Mature apprentice / trainee available in north / mid devon

    Just saw this , In the summer when I'm fit I could give you some hours bud. If you were he finished article I'd take you on now but I'm injured. If you're still looking his summer send me a message mate. I'm only up the road from you
  28. Jmcl101


    Hi all. Gone and broke my humerus (no so f**k**g humorous believe me hurts like duck!) in 2 places and can't hold a hawk ! We've got a million pound house on in between Exeter and Taunton.. is there anyone on here decent that wants some work ? Pay top rates and the runs are HUGE, most...
  29. Jmcl101

    Some customers...

    We found a pair of dirty knickers on a job once. I put them in the sparkies tool box, clients husband came in shortly after. You should've seen his face, he looked at matey then in the tool box then back at matey!! He never anything to the sparkie but we were facing the walls in stitches...
  30. Jmcl101

    Any quality lads in Devon ?!

    Hi all. Gone and broke my humerus (no so f**k**g humorous believe me hurts like duck!) in 2 places and can't hold a hawk ! We've got a million pound house on in between Exeter and Taunton.. is there anyone on here decent that wants some work ? Pay top rates and the runs are HUGE, most...
  31. Jmcl101

    2 coats from 1 bucket

    I would never 1 cost a ceiling personally, I also don't like sponging multi unless I'm outing on like a 5-6 bag hit which is rare these days ! I've Seen others do so with good results though, down to preference. I give it one thick coat laid on flat, then another thinner coat straight over...
  32. Jmcl101

    Crap pva

    Na just lash it on with a brush mate. Not the cheapest way but I've never had a comeback from it.
  33. Jmcl101

    Advice needed

    Patanation oil mate.
  34. Jmcl101

    Crap pva

    Bostik plasterers primer/green grit = the dogs dangles
  35. Jmcl101

    Dirty thieving cuunts

    Where was this ? Reading op made me realise I take things for granted. No one should have to feel insecure in their own home, certainly not young kids.
  36. Jmcl101

    Dirty thieving cuunts

    You shoulda hit hin hard enough that he wasn't physically able to touch the car! I despise this stuff, you shouldn't have to defend your children in their own home, this ain't Brazil! I hope the c**t rots. Whereabouts do you live ?!
  37. Jmcl101

    Sand and cement in the cold !

    I don't think I'd still be in business if I rendered houses with 10:1 mixes bud .. it's a 5:1:1 mix but half the cement content is rapid set.
  38. Jmcl101

    Sand and cement in the cold !

    Mate it was the f**k**g worst !! Temp dropped and wind howled in. Was a nightmare ! So no waterproofer in the topcoat ? I thought about getting an industrial heater on it but worried it could shrink ?
  39. Jmcl101

    Sand and cement in the cold !

    Top coat was 10:1:1:2 (sand/cement/rapid/lime) Scratch was done a few days before
  40. Jmcl101

    Sand and cement in the cold !

    Took on a job for family knowing damn well it's too cold really! Friday I had the back of the 2 storey extension on and ruled off by 10am. It didn't rub up until 11pm under lights (FML) I've been chucking a bit of rapid set in and lots of hydrated lime. Is there another trick I'm missing to...
  41. Jmcl101

    Job advice

    Put in a price that makes it worthwhile and make them your main client. When times get tough bigger builders will have work when the domestic clients stop spending.
  42. Jmcl101

    Fresh gear

    Knock up all in one go and second coat with the same gear.
  43. Jmcl101

    G-tec adhesive

    Gtec is just as good as any other in my experience ?! Probably had started to turn when you stuck the boards or you banged the boards/moved them too much after they went on the walls. Quick tap with a level and leave them and they should set fine.
  44. Jmcl101

    Do you know why they put rubbers on pencils!

    Re-rendered a bungalow once and the bell cast on the head meant the window didn't open ! Was majorly lucky that it was only a Couple mm. got a Stanley blade and gently filed the bead down till window just opened ! Phew!
  45. Jmcl101

    Dark days

    Just get a light not attached to your head ?
  46. Jmcl101

    internal corner trowel

    Twitcher is useful if the corners are a bit all over the place. On new square corners I tend to just use a trowel and brush in, put the fat into the corners etc. I've always used a MT one, never had a problem.
  47. Jmcl101

    Byson units

    Can you hammer fix a MF grid up there and cement board it ? Otherwise I'm with pug, scud it and s and c. Messy old job though :)
  48. Jmcl101

    Small skim bucket

    Looks like a decent bit of kit! sometimes knock up 3 bags at a time in a large rhino tub. Decent if you got big walls to do. Mucks all the same colour!
  49. Jmcl101

    Best joke you've heard...

    Why did Hitler commit suicide? He got his gas bill