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    LED Coving

    Has anyone experience of LED coving and the pros and cons of using as an uplighter or a downlighter. Guess I am always used to coving covering the join between ceiling and wall, perhaps hiding any issues with where they meet, so downright seems to offer something akin to what I am used to...
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    Plasterboard Install, Taping and Jointing Required B77

    Hi all, I have a lounge that is 3.6m wide and 4.6m long. Wanting to pull down the existing plasterboard, fit Rockwool RW3 between studs and joists and board with Siniat Megadeco board with taping and jointing. I believe this will require 24 boards in total. Ceiling will be housing 4 speakers...
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    Plasterboarding for first time

    Hi all, After some advice so have joined this forum. Wanting to pull down wall and ceiling plaster board to expose stud walls and joists in a 2008 build house. Plan is to use Rockwool RW3 slabs between joists and in stud wall, 100mm thick in ceiling and 50mm in walls. Looking at Plasterboard...