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    Nela black edition

    Anyone got one of these? Just got one and it's just ripping All the skim off the walls. Tried it at different stages and not getting great results, I know it needs breaking in but I can't break it in because it just makes a mess! Don't think you can beat the ox for polishing to be honest.
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    Cheap-ish mixers

    Alright chickens Looking for a cheapish mixer, any reccomendations? Can't afford mega mixer at the minute. Cheers
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    Labourer/ improver Merseyside

    Alright lads, Looking for a start as a labourer/improver. 29 Yr old did a course years ago and have recently left jaguar Land rover in Speke to get back into the plastering game. Have experience with various kettles all makes and models. Nvq lvl 2 in tea and coffee, working towards my...