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  1. Grant Singer

    Thoughts on this?

    Friend of my old mans got this done, and isn’t happy wanted a silicone render and they used cement based stuff. Could you go over the top of that with a silicone render? I’m still mostly a sand&cement guy. Also have a guess what he got charged for it. Frightening
  2. Grant Singer

    Latest Wack order

    Just got my latest Wack wholesale order today and it came with the New flexi angle trowels look good. And this f**k*r lol WTF is this haha
  3. Grant Singer

    New Mixer

    Took delivery of this beast yesterday canny wait to give it a bash tomorrow :)
  4. Grant Singer

    Ardex Plaster

    Was on the ardex website looking for epoxy grout and seen Plaster. Renovation Plaster and a couple types of finishing Plaster. Anyone used it before??
  5. Grant Singer

    T.P.F mug

    cheers Danny for mug and key ring can't find later at the moment as its attached to my keys and he has his them lol!
  6. Grant Singer

    Barra Buff(shell)

    Just finished this today. Customer wanted shells to match existing house. Different colour now but actually looks quite smart with white backing and now wants whole house re- roughcasted. When was the last time anyone used Barra Buff, £15 a bag it's pricey like but goes for miles.