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    Dewalt at it

    DEWALT now doing plastering trowels. All sorts. 1 Flexi's 2 superflexis 3 rigid flat 4 rigid curved 5 flexi curved Proper gone for it.
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    New Trowels

    At it again. Got one of these to break in. New with 'Japanese stainless steel.' Sent from my SM-G950F using Tapatalk
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    Powertool - Mixer drill repairs

    Searched through the forum and can't find this subject. My bosch GRW11E is sparking, changed brushes still sparking. could it be an armature? If so does anybody know of someone who can repair it in and around the london area for the right kind of dough.
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    Finally posting!

    Been following the forum for a while. Thought I'd finally post. Hi. I'm a spread been in the game about 20 years now, work in and around London.