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    WORK 7 DAYS a week ?

    I agree with Jack the Lad I've been plastering 43 years still love it 7 days doesn't bother me. Nice to be in demand.
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    Material Prices.

    The monsters sound great, but I love Jaffa Cakes, Sainsburys doin best offer Steve.
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    Material Prices.

    Have noticed builders merchants still creeping prices up. But seems B&Q trying to help by dropping Multi finish price, any body know of any great deals.
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    van plyline.

    I'm doing the same to my Toyota Hiace so I can get 6x3s in flat.
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    Skim additive.

    I still prefer the Mcdonalds answer a while back.
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    scrim or no scrim

    i have never scrimmed screw or nail heads, especially when we used to use dute scrim. Crazzzzy.
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    Bonding, in thin scratch coats no problem.
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    I'll pick up in the morning.
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    board finish

    All of BGs stuff seems crap lately,had multi go off to its dark colour but still soft on spot board.Always the same every year between November and February.
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    job I have just completed.

    Looks great Rich,really quality work, can't show you any of our work aint got none.
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    correct sand

    We use Leighton sharp sand with a touch of soft, but find the soft sand varies in colour and texture quite a lot.
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    Moisture resistant plasterboard

    Got anything I can skim Rich.
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    Skimming price per m2

    Me £200, other spread £170, labourer £70= £440 Lets hope I get it
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    Skimming price per m2

    Thanks for all your comments everyone, one thing it sure points out what a massive difference in prices across the country.Expensive I maybe but I seem to have struggled through for over 35 years.
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    Skimming price per m2

    Yea your right there we all need to up our anti to keep us the pay scales we're worth it for the time it takes us to learn our trade and become perfectionist and that dentist, doctors ,plumbers and any skilled person relies on expertease...........Rant over.
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    Unbelievable !!!

    Must of lost their screw driver.
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    Skimming price per m2

    Nice one freerider, your getting near, all I know my old shoulders hurt after doing it, but that's another debate later Osteopaths.
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    That's interesting, we bring our waste home and a licensed waste guy comes to collect once a fortnight and charges anything between 60- 80 pounds but no receipt. We are know changing to having a skip delivered and receipted.
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    Price per m2

    Had early day, but no pint
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    Skimming price per m2

    Well I know 45m of ceiling I couldn't manage on my own but £250.00 to cheap.
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    Skimming price per m2

    Compelted 45m2 ceiling last week, done lots of work for builder but detected a down turned lip when I told him the price.I've only charged what I normally charge. Had myself and another plasterer and a labourer who's very good at skimming to, just want to know your comments. Deliberately not...
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    Whole house blown. re plaster!

    I usually 3 coat hardwall oasis scratching each coat as i go then second coat straight away and so on. Get very little cracking.
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    job dilemma

    Stick to your price church, quality can not be bought at any price. I usually say to my customers when I'm in the same position, you'll always find someone cheaper just as you will find someone dearer but sorry that's my best price.
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    skim bead

    Put finish all the way down external corner, push bead on,simples.
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    snowed in

    We worked yesterday heavy snow all day, got home no problem, then managed to get van stuck outside my own house, needless to say didn't work today everything Iced up. In total lost about 7 days since before Chrimbo down to weather.
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    I've tried to use them but failed, kept getting head ache.
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    labourers, with or without?

    I always use a labourer. I start them off knocking up then progress them to trowelling up as well, then onto floating, outside work dashing you name it. They learn the trade and i usually get good labouring for 3-4 years and then when they are good enough, I encourage them to go off on their own...
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    70mm deep damp proofing over 33m - speeding up setting time question

    Can't you press some exmet sheets into each coat you do. Surely at that thicknes you'll end up with a load of cracking.
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    non sticky scrim

    I found silver scrim best sticks like s*** to the proverbial blanket.Even sticks to hardwall when scriming ceiling edge to plasterboard ceiling.
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    Great Idea will put to use next time.
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    Come on own up!

    Surgical gloves work for me, creams just made my hands crack even easier,only trouble with the gloves it smells like I've been working in a Durex factory smell don't go until wash my hands couple of times.
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    Thermal plasterboard

    We get our insulated plasterboard for about £15.00 that's 30mm thick and 8 x 4. But just found a great adhesive as long as walls are straight, its non solvent so won't melt polystyrene and goes off solid in about 15 Min's. Screw fix sell it but you have to buy the gun as well. The stuff is...
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    £5m2 on domestics inc mats

    I only do work now for perhaps 2-3 builders so most of our work is domestic, for example today we did a 3.7x3.7 bedroom ceiling scrape poly tiles off, bag up waste. Plasterboard ceiling 9 boards and skim clear up and hoover £ 360.00 which I don't think is too bad. But a lot of builders are now...
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    Cancellation Fee

    I would love to put these sort of conditions in the quotation but its just another hurdle to put in front of the client. So on a large contracted job most certainly, but for domestic work perhaps like some one else said a phone call a couple of days before.
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    mapping on render and set

    I have had it myself, but only occurs on light weight blocks, but gives the same result as overplastering
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    Cancellation Fee

    I doubt if you'll get any fee back unless you had it detailed in your written quotation, under your terms and conditions.
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    Multi Finish

    Hi every one Just joined forum and want to introduce myself. I've been plastering to long to mention but would like to know opinions on multi finish around from time period of November to early Feb, does anyone notice a difference during these time periods, forgive me if you already had this...