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    Material Prices.

    Have noticed builders merchants still creeping prices up. But seems B&Q trying to help by dropping Multi finish price, any body know of any great deals.
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    Price per m2

    Had early day, but no pint
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    Skimming price per m2

    Compelted 45m2 ceiling last week, done lots of work for builder but detected a down turned lip when I told him the price.I've only charged what I normally charge. Had myself and another plasterer and a labourer who's very good at skimming to, just want to know your comments. Deliberately not...
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    Multi Finish

    Hi every one Just joined forum and want to introduce myself. I've been plastering to long to mention but would like to know opinions on multi finish around from time period of November to early Feb, does anyone notice a difference during these time periods, forgive me if you already had this...