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    under steps cubby hole ceiling

    morning to the Forum, I've been asked to do the above. Ceiling is brick, cubby hole is in basement front garden under the steps to the main door. SBR slurry, then press on a thin coat of sharp and plastering sand and SBR then 2nd coat just plastering sand. Rain does come down from cracks in...
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    ceiling PB'S not flush with each other.

    Hello, looking for advice, most of my work with s&c... been asked to tidy up a ceiling repair. Someone put up a new 4x3 board and one end is not flush because he didn't pack out under the uneven joists. Must be an inch difference. Can I hardwall most of the depth then Multi the whole board.
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    cracks in render

    hello to the forum. I'm an occasional renderer, visit the forum regular and this is my first post looking for advice.Customer asked me hack off the blown areas of render off concrete block garden wall. Its been redone in past in s&c and cracked along the lines of the blockwork courses then...