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    Genie lift

    for sale genie lift,not exact;y sure of the model,pm for pics. lift is located in stoke, £100
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    hanging tools up

    well after 31 years and 2 operations on my arms i,m hanging the tools up,i,ve been offered a job as a sparks mate , not sure if i,m wise but gonna give it a go. sick to the teeth of working like fukc for £400 a week
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    new trowels

    had a dick head run over me toolbag yesterday with a telehandler, killed my 2 marshalltown skimming trowels, had one 30 years. so in the market for a couple of new ones, what do you think of the tysack stainless steel ones
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    Scrim cloth

    hi can anyone tell me where i can get a few boxes of non adhesive scrim, not the hessian type stuff. cheers
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    hi does anyone know where i can get a couple of refine mixers refurbished, plus where is the cheapest place to buy a new one. many thanks
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    tool clear out

    well with my shoulder op coming up I have decided to clear out some of my trowels and hawk. my question is this should I put an add on here or stick them on ebay. what you think. cheers
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    shoulder op

    well after months of living on pain killers I have had scan on right shoulder, not good severe tear on a tendon so have to go under the knife the surgeon tells me the recovery time is 9 months to a year. has anyone else had this type of op. thanks
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    stone walls

    hi i have the outside of an old building to plaster with sand and cement, my question is should i slurry coat it first with sbr or will it be safe enough to sbr it then put on a tight scratch coat, thanks
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    Start date

    any of you lads here any news of these ewi jobs kicking off, been listening to empty promises for about a month now and the novelty of sitting on my ass has worn off
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    Hop up

    hi i,m after a new hop up,apparantly my milk crates are no longer safe:-0. so can anyone recommend a well priced hop up, thanks
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    Kraft trowels

    hi anyone have any experience with these trowels, i saw a lad using one for sand and cement nice trowel. whats your thoughts and wheres the best place to buy one. thanks
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    hi i have been lurking in the background for a while, just thought it was time i introduced myself, been plastering for about 28 years, i worked in london in the late 80s but all my work since has been in n.ireland. things have totally dried up at home so thinking about going back over the...