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  1. Jerseyboy

    Which machine is best for me

    Hello all I posted previously regarding the G4 machine and maybe getting into liquid screeds. But after a few conversations regarding the screeds I’ve decided to stick to what I know. Ocr and bagged render is being used more frequently now instead of sand and cement. I have a massive house to do...
  2. Jerseyboy

    G4 standard for liquid screeds

    Hello all I am getting a G4 as my first decent pump and would like to start using it for liquid screeds and self leveling as well as ocr’s and Other bagged products. Just want to get full use from it and was wondering if you could recommend a decent Screed supplier who gives training and...
  3. Jerseyboy

    G4 into Transit van

    Hello All Does anyone have a G4 Smart with a generator and loads it into a transit van? Just wondering if it’s awkward as I know there a big machine Thanks
  4. Jerseyboy

    Hard wall and skim or any other suggestions

    Hello Been aske to price a large house internal only Normally I would go for hardwall and skim but just wondering if any of you use different backing coats It going onto 7n blocks. Am thinking of buying a pump if I get the job. Thanks
  5. Jerseyboy

    krend hp 14 onto timber frame render board

    Hello can you use krend hp14 onto a render board i cant see anything in the product notes thanks
  6. Jerseyboy


    hello Would anyone know we're to get one box of EJOT 155 fixings from? Thanks
  7. Jerseyboy

    HP 14 on EWI

    hello all I've just finished my first job using hp14 and I think it's great stuff to use . The only thing I would say is that it stiffens up fairly quickly. Should you mix it fairly wet?
  8. Jerseyboy

    Venition /polished plastering

    hello all Am thinking of going on a polished Plastering cource and was wondering who has been on one and how many of you do this sort of work. Thanks
  9. Jerseyboy

    Check cavitys before installing ewi

    hello all Does anyone check cavitys for rubble or if they have have cwi fitted? Am only asking this because I was asked by another contractor Personally I have never checked Have you?
  10. Jerseyboy

    Plastic render angle bead with drip

    hello all Does anyone know were you can buy plastic render angle bead with a built in drip on one side. For window heads. Thanks
  11. Jerseyboy

    Anyone skimmed on magply board

    hello all Anyone skimmed on magply board If so what's it like?
  12. Jerseyboy

    K-rend dash receiver on ewi

    Hello I've been told that k-rend dash receiver is done in two passes wet on wet with Mesh in the first coat. I've never used it before and it's only a small job. Is this correct? Thanks
  13. Jerseyboy

    K-rend dash receiver on ewi

    Hello I've been told that k-rend dash receiver is done in two passes wet on wet with Mesh in the first coat. I've never used it before and it's only a small job. Is this correct? Thanks
  14. Jerseyboy

    Spray foam insulation

    hello all Has anyone seen or tried the spray foam insulation for lofts and floors??
  15. Jerseyboy

    Polymer render job

    hello all I've got a polymer render job to do on 7n block work with 10mm thickness required which needs mesh applying. It says contractors choice Any advice which is the best material to use also it's to be rubbed up and painted
  16. Jerseyboy

    Today's ashlar block marking

    doing a ashlar block mark job about 100m2 finished the first panel today Turned out well despite a bit of rain. I used render beads on this job as its getting painted and needed to bead it first as the old walls were miles out
  17. Jerseyboy

    Wet dash on insulation

    hello all I've been asked to insulate an old extension which is s&c render and wet dash it to match the original house. Has anyone ever done this? I've seen it done on dry dash with 6mm chippings Thanks
  18. Jerseyboy

    Masking tape for EWI

    Hello all Am looking for some tape that I can use for creating a story band on a job I will be doing. Also I am doing the window sills a different color so will need to cover them up too. Thanks
  19. Jerseyboy

    New to liquid floor screeds

    hello all I've done sand and cement screeding along with plastering but have never tried liquid screeds. Am thinking of getting into it and would consider buying a pump. Could any one give me advice and info regarding doing this Thanks
  20. Jerseyboy

    Fassa bortolo materials

    hello all Just wondering how many of you have used these products and if so what do you think. I've had some good feed back but would like more views Thanks
  21. Jerseyboy

    Can anyone recommend a Hotwire cutter

    hello Am looking to buy a Hotwire cutter . I've had one for 5 years but it's a been abused by the people that don't pay for them!! It was from probeauteam in Germany But just wondering what any of you lads use and are they good. It's the machine and not the hand held one am after Thanks
  22. Jerseyboy

    Lead window trays on ewi

    Hello all Just wondering how some of you get over new windows that have lead trays on them. do you use over sills? Or pin eps to the face of old sill? Do you use lead trays in uk Cheers
  23. Jerseyboy

    Krend HP 14 curing time

    hello all Have been told that hp14 on 90 mm grey eps needs 14 days curing before the silicone top coat goes on. Is this common practice.? Seems to be a long time
  24. Jerseyboy

    Skirim for aqua panel board

    hello Does anyone use the scrim tape for Aqua panel ? If so we're do you get it. I've got a PAREX spec that says scrim all joints I've never done that before its just been meshed.
  25. Jerseyboy

    Does anyone spray PAREX maite

    hello all Does anyone spray maite on a regular basis. I've got a 80 m2 gable to spray and have only tried Jub. I know this stuff sets quick in the bucket. Cheers
  26. Jerseyboy

    mapei ewi system any good?

    Hello all has any of you used the mapei ewi system if so is it any good to use and would you recommend using it cheers
  27. Jerseyboy

    Any good 110v site lights around

    hello all Does anyone know of any good 110v sight lights on the market? Cheers
  28. Jerseyboy

    What material to substitute sand and cement??

    hello all Been rendering with sand and cement for years and have had experience with thin coat EWI. as we don't use much monocouce renders over here I would like to start having a go. Would anyone recommend any products to start using? I have a small house to do which is cavity wall with 7n...
  29. Jerseyboy

    EWI on prefab timber framed bungalow

    hello all Has anyone ever fitted a EWI system to a prefab timber framed bungalow The house is made up from studwork which has plywood screwed to it then expanded meatle fitted followed by 30 mm of sand and cement render. The house is around 40 years old. And needs insulating. Any tips??
  30. Jerseyboy

    Stone affect training

    hello all Am thinking of doing a cource and not to sure about which one to do. I don't really no much about any products in this line advice and help would be great Cheers
  31. Jerseyboy

    Stone affect beginner advice

    hello all I've been looking at some of your work and I am impressed with it and would like to learn this skill I think this would be a good thing to get into as a lot of houses here are granite Any advice on training would be grateful and is it hard to get the hang of. Cheers
  32. Jerseyboy


    Hello all Was just wondering if anyone uses k-rend HP12 or HP14 on EWI Systems. I've never used any products from K-REND and wanted to see if it's good to use. It seems to be fairly cheap to buy. Thanks
  33. Jerseyboy

    purchase full range of parex materials

    Hello all could anyone recommend were you can buy the full range of parex materials. not just maite and mesh. thanks
  34. Jerseyboy

    External rounded wall base rail advice

    Hello all I've got to do a two story rounded wall that will be simalar to a tower shape with 90 mm eps and was wondering the best way to fix the base rail . Can you buy one for rounds or is it the slow prosess of cutting the back edge. Also has anyone done many rounded walls??
  35. Jerseyboy

    Thinking of doing a damp proofing learning cource

    Hello all I am thinking of doing a damp proofing cource any suggestions on which one ? It's just so I can take on more work Thanks
  36. Jerseyboy


    Here are the rest of the pictures of quoins. they wouldn't upload last time got to do the maine house next year:tonto:
  37. Jerseyboy

    EPS Quoins

    Hello all Just wondered how may of you have made quoins from eps if so how do you do yours here are some id did a while back
  38. Jerseyboy

    Spray parex DPR Sand fine

    hello all has anyone sprayed parex Dpr sand fine? If so how does it turn out Thanks
  39. Jerseyboy

    Semi high top transit

    hello all Do any of you drive a transit semi high top? If so has anyone got pics to show how you can kit them out thanks
  40. Jerseyboy

    How to remove silicone stained

    hello all Does anyone have any tips for removing silicone 1.5 mm from slabs?? The floor was covered but still managed to get a stain
  41. Jerseyboy

    K-rend price m2

    hello all Been asked to do a krendscratch job any clues to m2 price Thanks
  42. Jerseyboy

    Fine cracks in base coat

    Hello all I've just starting priming a job that was base coated last week and as I was applying the primer a saw a few very fine cracks up to 200mm long . I've stuck and pinned the 100 mm boards as I should have and applied the first base coat and mesh and the second coat three days later and...
  43. Jerseyboy

    Parex materials best place

    hello all I am looking to but 220 m2 of parex thin coat system onto 50 mm phenolic Any suggestions best place to get them. Either Poole/Portsmouth or to be delivered to this area?? Thanks
  44. Jerseyboy

    sponge base coat??

    Hello all Just wondering your views on finishing ewi base coat so it's ready for priming and machine applied finish. Do you sponge if so what's the best sponge to use. Or the best way to to get it done
  45. Jerseyboy

    Painted rough cast/wet dash how to recover??

    Hello all I have a house to price that has been rough casted and painted maybe 5 times Everything is solid including the paint. I would normally stipple with sbr then render with sand and cement. But any better products you could recommend to do the job? The final coat has to be silicone 1.5 mm...
  46. Jerseyboy

    Spraying 1.5 mm silicone on to a painted house??

    hello everyone Has any of you sprayed a silicone 1.5 mm onto a sound painted house? I was gona power wash then prime then spray Anyone done it???
  47. Jerseyboy

    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone New to the forum and must say it looks great!