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  1. lazer

    tiling on wooden floors

    hi lads i need a little help here,im starting to tile my bathroom floor it runs out of level by about an inch ive put 9 mm boards down on half the room should i put 18mm on the other half or should i make it up with adhesive cheers mates
  2. lazer


    if theres any of you lancashire lads on here looking for a speed skim theres a couple cheapies on fleabay its collection only looks like the old blades
  3. lazer

    drill bit

    ive just bought a n insinkerator hot water tap but i need to drill a 30 mm hole through my granite worktop does anyone know where to get a drill bit to do this and should i buy a couple of smaller bits to drill first or should i just bang away with the 30mm
  4. lazer

    paper corners

    alright lads just wondering what to use to stick gyproc paper corners onto plasterboard
  5. lazer

    hello again

    never been on forum for ages I'm just sat here catching up on all the posts I've missed' going to be up all night.mind you I'm sat in the sunshine drinking a few buds no work for me tomorrow lads
  6. lazer

    webber pral

    been to price a rendering job today it had a blue webber pral put on a few years ago the bloke doesnt like it, he says when the sun shines on it ,it looks a mess. anyway it is really solid the question is can i go over it with more webber or will i have to remove the old stuff first
  7. lazer

    ceramic bricks

    im rendering an old shop next week weve just took the shop front off and it has an area of ceramic bricks,will i need to knock the faces off or can i mesh them. thanks lads
  8. lazer

    webber pral shortage

    hi lads ive screwed up on a measure i need 4 bags of cornish for friday has anyone got any spare they can sell me im in durham but im doing a job in harrogate on thursday so can travel down into yorkshire i if need to thanks in advance
  9. lazer


    hi lads just wanted to know can you put webber pral straight onto new blockwork or do i need to apply rendaid first im putting it on by hand cheers guys
  10. lazer

    ceramic bricks

    hi fellas got some rendering to do on an old shop. When i took the shop front off theres an area of about 3 metres with ceramic bricks whats the best thing to do to them will they rendaid over or should i try to grind the fronts off .Suggestions will be appreciated
  11. lazer


    got a job to do for a woman she has a builder who she listens to all the time {plasterers know nowt}hes told her to dot n dab 27mm thermal boards on all walls .fair enough. all walls to have sealabond sbr applied before dot n dab.what id like to know is what would you put sbr on for i thought...
  12. lazer

    cement board

    got a call today from a woman wanting her garage skimming out,turns out shes selling it but its got cement boards on the ceiling.Shes decided to hide the boards in case a potential buyer sees it and knocks her price down, anyway anyone plastered this before can i just pva and then skim any...
  13. lazer


    Im putting some webber pral on tomorrow will i be able to scrape it on the afternoon or should i put it on in the afternoon and scrape it on tuesday. Ive never done it this time of year.
  14. lazer

    naked women

    have i got a virus or is everyone getting pictures of naked women popping up on the left side where the sponsors are. im not moaning about them its just if its a virus id better get it sorted or not.........
  15. lazer


    just had walls injected for damp gona render them next week then i want to dot and dab how long should i leave the render before i dot n dab
  16. lazer


    got a job to do on a house the guy had a leak from his shower for a while its all fixed now and walls are drying out but they leaving a lot of salt im hacking plaster off should i paint the wall with something or just replaster it.the wall is internal
  17. lazer


    would you believe it just come home and said to me missus i think i love my speedskim as much as you .she said youd better teach it to cook your tea then and pixxed off out miserable git
  18. lazer


    got my speedskim delivered today when i got home cant wait to use it tomorrow ..........................sad basta....d got t get meself a life
  19. lazer


    alright lads just a quick one what does everyone use to stick your corner beeds etc when youre using webber to render walls
  20. lazer

    crumbling bricks

    just started knocking the old plaster off inside walls of an old terraced house the bricks underneath are soft and crumbling just wondered should i put a coat of render on was just going to dot n dab but the walls are just single skin into next door id appreciate your comments guys
  21. lazer

    paint on walls

    hi fellas just got a house to overskim but some of the paint is peeling off just wondered if i put bluegrit or similar would it stop the paint from peeling off or should i go around and try to scrape it all off first its not distemper its like they glossed the walls then put emulsion over the...
  22. lazer

    webber training

    has any one been on a webber 1 day training course are they any good or am i better off just doing a few garden walls and learning that way your thoughts would be appreciated guys
  23. lazer


    hey lads just had a rep on the phone asking me to join checkertrade he says only one plasterer on in my area anyone know anything about them or use them
  24. lazer


    Anyone tell me what sir is
  25. lazer

    render over render

    just been asked to quote a rendering job, the house already has render on probably 20 years ago no cracks on it anywhere but the guys seen the webber website and wants that on. just wondering does old render have to come off or can i go straight over abit green on rendering just worried it...
  26. lazer


    hi fellas does anyone know a quick and easy way to get rid of distemper ,just got to price a full house to re skim and almost every wall is covered with that dusty flaky paint .
  27. lazer

    internal beads

    just got the specs for a council grant job they want internal beads on the walls is this normal practice or are they just being picky i usually just tape the corners