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  1. devneydutch

    The big one’s coming

    Looks like a great job Tony are you spraying bager j for the tape and jointing? Or using fast drying joint cement?
  2. devneydutch

    Best deal on Graco mark v?

    Anybody seen these going at a decent price?
  3. devneydutch

    Advice needed please

    Put some pictures up. I’m assuming the old render is falling off
  4. devneydutch

    Bad plastering

    The jobs I’m on the painters use head torches and led site lights to show up the marks. I can’t stick painters lol
  5. devneydutch

    Bad plastering

    Looks terrible but light down any wall will show up lumps n bumps with traditional skim.
  6. devneydutch

    Screwfix gloves for skimming etc!

    Ninja sky tec gloves. Really thin but tough with it.
  7. devneydutch

    Cracks on scratch coat?

    Doesn’t look like a very neat scratch coat. I would be concerned too
  8. devneydutch

    Cracks on scratch coat?

    Put some pictures up so we can see what your talking about. I would paint on red grip/sbr slurry before the mesh.
  9. devneydutch

    Damp plasterboard

    Anyone using damp plasterboard at the moment? On a wet site and the boards damp. Does anybody think mould might be a problem as the job progresses? Or am I worrying about nothing
  10. devneydutch

    Graco APX 5200

    Thanks mate sorted it now still 500 notes though. It’s a different style gun to that one
  11. devneydutch

    Graco APX 5200

    Yeah and spray plaster machines lol
  12. devneydutch

    Graco APX 5200

    Getting a new gun for this airless plaster machine. Has anyone bought one or similar? £520 +vat thought it was a little steep
  13. devneydutch

    How do you actually find a decent plasterer?

    Recommendation is the best way. Your only as good as your last job
  14. devneydutch

    Another one by the sea.

    Where is this mate?
  15. devneydutch

    Jub trend..

    Thinking the same. Looks dated. Oliver Twist comes to mind
  16. devneydutch

    Fixing big cracks

    who painted it?
  17. devneydutch


    You sound like my labourer asking to use my trowel as it works better than his
  18. devneydutch


    Ain’t got a clue what your on about but a wise man once told me it’s man that makes a trowel
  19. devneydutch

    Wire poking out of K-Rend

    What a mess. That’s what you get with knrend
  20. devneydutch

    Full mesh coverage, or just stress areas? Johnstones silicon enhanced

    Get the cement mixer out you mean. It’s about consistency, we can’t be trusted to mix it up in a mixer anymore it comes in a bag so that it idiot proof
  21. devneydutch

    Full mesh coverage, or just stress areas? Johnstones silicon enhanced

    Just think that all this mesh n thin coat is a good earner for the suppliers. I drive past 2 houses that I rendered traditionally 25 years ago and they look 100 times better than the krend/mono/thin coat houses down the road. I would scratch n top any day of the week over these new render systems
  22. devneydutch

    Full mesh coverage, or just stress areas? Johnstones silicon enhanced

    Why can’t you just scratch and top coat like the good old days? mesh any cracks. Think there is too much money involved with extra material that isn’t needed
  23. devneydutch

    Hi everyone

    Water down pva or scratch it again with waterproofer in the mix
  24. devneydutch

    What's your favourite hop-up, and why? (looking to buy a new one)

    Depends what I’m doing but a soak away crate can’t be beaten. Use them all the time inside and out plus they are free
  25. devneydutch

    Quality Persimmon homes

    They are normally glorified fork lift drivers with no real knowledge of building a house
  26. devneydutch

    Dot and dab starting to show through

    Let the dog see the rabbit mate. Need pictures
  27. devneydutch

    price m2 - stucco (top coat only)

    With a name like belly too can’t be a plasterer as we all have 6packs
  28. devneydutch

    price m2 - stucco (top coat only)

    What are you pricing exactly as your making no sense? Sand and cement or just the thin coat top coat?
  29. devneydutch

    Colour problems

    Still can’t make my mind up if I like the look of thin coat. Just finishing a big job that’s using it. They are painting it.
  30. devneydutch

    Getting the apprentice tools

    55 but yeah your right
  31. devneydutch

    Colour problems

    I’ve noticed with thin coat that adding water drastically changes the colour. Advise them to paint it and put that in the bill
  32. devneydutch

    Getting the apprentice tools

    Just bought the apprentice a new trowel but been in this situation before and just when you think you have a dedicated one they f**k off elsewhere. Anyone do the same for there’s?
  33. devneydutch

    Tools required to render sand/cement/lime

    I would get a professional in who has his own tools if I was you
  34. devneydutch

    K-Rend concern.

    Just a personal choice. I wouldn’t use it as I don’t like the product. Over bricks I would of gone down a more traditional method. What reason is the plasterer giving for the difference in colour? Looks like damp patches in your picture.
  35. devneydutch

    K-Rend concern.

    Just wondering but why did you decide to use k render?
  36. devneydutch

    K render stains

    Looks like a public toilet
  37. devneydutch

    Beading hell!

    Stop bead round pretty much everything , dpc behind to keep the top coat off the window frames etc
  38. devneydutch

    Bounce back loan

    They have suspended bounce back loans from Tide. Any other options?
  39. devneydutch

    Columbia tools

    I’ve used tomahawk Columbia spats for airless and would say they are too bulky and heavyweight. I’m using Ox now, lightweight and easy too control
  40. devneydutch

    Self employment, is it really worth it?

    Just stick too a couple of good builders and sub just too them. Don’t bother with small private jobs unless it’s worth your while. I enjoy being self employed and cant imagine going paye
  41. devneydutch

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    It’s tapered edge board tapered edge mate. It’s spray plaster I’m having the trouble with not sure if they are Knauf though
  42. devneydutch

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    Is hot mud the quick drying joint cement? What your saying makes sense
  43. devneydutch

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    Do you spray plaster? We have used joint cement on other jobs and not had a problem?
  44. devneydutch

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    There is fibre fuse tape over the joint with joint cement below and ontop. The boards are tapered edge too
  45. devneydutch

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    It’s strange as the paint isn’t peeling off
  46. devneydutch

    Bubble on joints of boards. Airless plaster

    Has anyone came across this before? Looks like there has been a leak in the ceiling and it’s gone between the boards. Defo been no leaks though. It’s been sprayed with airless jub 3 coats, then sanded and sprayed with base coat paint. This only showed up really on the next spray paint coat...
  47. devneydutch

    artex question ??

    9mm plasterboard over the top and save the covering. Skim jobs a good un