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  1. Zanzibar26

    Refina abs floaty thingy

    The refina diamond abs float (thin, wide grey float) any good on s&c?? Or just for ocr. (y)
  2. Zanzibar26


    Was expecting to use krend tc 15 but builder turned up with this. Not used it before but good Stuff apparently. Opinions on jub products? Wont be Using it for a while just curious what to expect
  3. Zanzibar26

    Kango recommendations.

    Any kango recommendations? Old makita just packed in, now discontinued. I've used the newer one, I like just interested in what everyone ells likes.
  4. Zanzibar26

    Krend tc15

    How long until after a base coat of hp12 can you apply the primer and tc15? The krend spec i have specifies minimum of 14 days!! Might have answerd my own questions but wondering if anyone has done sooner than that?
  5. Zanzibar26

    First time plazzy.

    Bought the nela max plastic trowel last week after reading @Danny review online. always been a skeptic of the plastic trowels from what i heard but had no idea what to expect really. I wasn’t keen on bringing 3 trowels in to finish a set. what a surprise!!! Used my Marshalltown town right to...
  6. Zanzibar26

    Pral M advice.

    Hi all, my bosses brother (a bloody sparky) has bought a house and is currently renovating. The old render has been hacked back to stone. He wants a mono finish. My boss is very traditional and only really uses s&c, iv used weber for my own work always on blockwork so don’t claim to be an...
  7. Zanzibar26

    Scud coat

    Got a garage re-render coming up. Old dash hacked off back to red brick. Usually I use weber rendaid or sbr slurry and hit it while its tacky. Rendaid is out of stock in my area and sbr slurry is just a pain in the arse when your doing a 100 things at once. As far as throwing or stippling a scud...
  8. Zanzibar26

    How many of you actually use beads?

    Got to talk to some new faces today and was interested with their approach on rendering with beads. Some of them even said that they only use plastic beads when using mono and use battings for anything else as its “lazy using beads”. Dunno if its only me but i always use plastic beads especially...
  9. Zanzibar26

    Splayed angle.

    Just been to see a job, one wall has 2 windows with splayed reveals. Was thinking smacking some stop beads on them but the corners are bullnose. if i fix them sound to the corner 3mm out and just dub out where the curve on the other side goes “in” the bead then skim as usual when its gone off...
  10. Zanzibar26

    24hr sbr stipple

    has anyone ever used a stipple with sbr and leave it 24hrs for a key rather than hitting it while its tacky? Got a long garden wall from block thats been painted straight on to be scratched. Offered rendaid but customer wants sbr as they have a s**t load of cement and i happen to have a s**t...
  11. Zanzibar26

    Comb or scarifier

    Hi all! New to the forum though been plastering a number of years. Been with another spread this week who uses a scarifier on s&c. Personally always use a standard comb. Years ago in college i was told that scarifiers dont give a sufficient key for s&c but this spreads work looks tidy and...