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  1. Zippydragon

    Dewalt or makita

    Decided I need to upgrade, full range of tools but tied between dewalt and makita. Always had makita and have used their collated screw gun. What’s the dewalt one like ? Any recommendations
  2. Zippydragon

    Can we not help each other?

    Probably already been said. I Get the survival of the fittest etc but surely on here everyone seems fairly stand up guys and girls , can we not have a thread running where we update where stock is in each area so we can try and help each other rather than the Toyota Prius brigade buying it all...
  3. Zippydragon

    Driveway fix-

    Random and not plaster based but got to relay some of my crazy pave drive and there’s a lot of experience on the group. What mix would anyone recommend for bedding the slabs? Cars are going over it. Never done much paving before
  4. Zippydragon

    Thieving bastards

    3 vans done in the next road last night, I’ve decided to get a van vault. Anyone got one and how have they incorporated it into their racking?!?
  5. Zippydragon

    Thinking of selling mixer

    Giving serious thought to selling my Bosch grw11e 110v mixer. I do all domestic and fed up of lugging a transformer about. It’s in good nick and had very little use as I had a megamox before. How much do u think It be worth
  6. Zippydragon

    Carbon going cheap on facebook

    May be of interest to someone
  7. Zippydragon

    Card machines down to £9.99!! 1.69% per transaction. Would happily lose £1.69 in every £100 if it gets me my dough faster
  8. Zippydragon


    Guys in a few threads some of you have mentioned you have second , third , fourth properties. If I was looking to get into this how much would you recommend to have to start? Also if I buy -do up and look to sell or hold on and do air bnb with it do you think this is a good option or just stick...
  9. Zippydragon

    Fricking disappointing

    Went to national tool fayre today to have a big spend up, wanted new mixer, few trowels all sorts. May as well have been the National sparky fayre, none of the plastering firms were there, dewalt didn’t even have the cordless mixer there
  10. Zippydragon

    Bent nela

    bought a lovely s*p*r*lex 11” few weeks back, perfect for above doors, loading up the van and hear my son humming (he does this when excited- autistic) wonder what has made him so happy then see he has in fact taken my new trowel and has it between the floor and wall using it as some sort of...
  11. Zippydragon

    Sum up chip and pin machine

    Friend of mine has just bought one of these machines- £19.00 . Charge you 1.6 p per pound. May be good for the slow to pay customers, if not
  12. Zippydragon

    Half time bonding

    Anyone else seen these?
  13. Zippydragon

    Van vault slider

    Guys have any of you got the sliding van vault drawer model? Want something that will hold my stuff but not take the whole van
  14. Zippydragon

    Mullered by a car!

    So boys first day at specialist school, drop him off all going well then whack, old guy doesn’t give way to an on coming car and twats my car door so hard as I’m putting stuff in that it bends it back off it’s hinges and comes back on me knocking me flying. Nice trip to hospital and no work for...
  15. Zippydragon


    My Bosch grw11e mixer is coughing and spluttering so looking for a new one. There is an offer on the big 2 speed megamixer at the moment for £289. Has anyone here got it ? Any good?
  16. Zippydragon

    My sh*t carpentry van rack

    So bought my van from @superspread last month, decided to rack it, as you can see I’m no chippy!! What’s everyone using to carry screws in their van?
  17. Zippydragon

    Decent quality van seat covers

    Any recommendations?
  18. Zippydragon

    Collated screw gun which one?

    Looking for a cordless collated screw gun, any recommendations?
  19. Zippydragon

    Van vault

    Hi guys, has anyone used one for power tools etc? Thinking of getting one in my van when it arrives but don’t know if it will be more in the way thangood?
  20. Zippydragon

    Has anyone ever had any freebies from British gypsum?

    Guys has anyone ever had any freebies from British gypsum? Only reason I ask is I am going to be doing a magnetic wall at the autism school my sons at for their sensory area and would be great if BG could help with a couple of bags seeing as it’s so expensive. I put some up in our playroom and...
  21. Zippydragon

    customers telling you what they want to pay

    Had to share this, still laughing my c*ck off at the guys cheek. Phone rings today and some arrogant twat says he got my number from a friend who I had done some work for. Said it was a 18sq meter artex ceiling that needed pva then skim (his words not mine) he then proceeded to tell me how he...
  22. Zippydragon

    Anyone come up against distemper? If I’ve spelt it right?!?

    Came up against this stuff- shoot me now!
  23. Zippydragon

    Anyone got Toyota proace/Citroen dispatch/ Peugeot version?

    What’s your thoughts on them? If u have one are they any gd
  24. Zippydragon

    Anyone pay into any insurances or put money by to cover sick leave?

    Guys does anyone use any of these insurances that cover you if you can’t work? Recommendations?
  25. Zippydragon

    Who was it that lives Swansea /gower way?

    I was speaking to someone on here who lives Swansea/gower way. Can’t think for life of me who but have something they might want
  26. Zippydragon

    Plastic beer crates

    If anyone uses beer crates for mini scaffold Asda is doing Amstel in big plastic ones. Win win, 24 beers and you get a crate to stand on. Wonder if it could go through the books as a tool
  27. Zippydragon

    Decent 1200mm hop up?!?

    Guys I am looking for a 1200mm hop up as I am fed up with my usual one and my mates 1200 is brilliant. Can’t seem to find them anywhere apart from flimsy crap. His one is an abru but can anyone recommend anything?
  28. Zippydragon

    Anyone got a vw transporter?

    In the hope to get my van sorted quicker than brexit I’ve decided that my 3 k is probably best used as a deposit and pay for a van over 3/5 years. Mate had a good deal on a Renault traffic but with under 25k on it it’s had a major part go wrong and broken down. Yes covered under warranty but I...
  29. Zippydragon

    Van finance

    Can’t find a decent van on my budget so looking at putting 3 k down on either a Toyota proace or a transit connect lwb. Has anyone put similar down on a van before and how much will I be looking at per month on hp? I’m clueless with this stuff
  30. Zippydragon

    Do nela do a 16”carbon?

    Please share links
  31. Zippydragon

    I’ve grown a pair! But now a day with no work

    So showed up to do the job for the “weekend course plasterer” which I was told was ready. Walk in to find all sockets put back on, lights fitted, boarding incomplete and a dog s**t minefield in the mixing area. Tools back in car and gone. Feeling I’ve cut my nose off to spite my face but would...
  32. Zippydragon

    New boot recommendations

    Getting a new pair of boots/trainers for work, going to get something with a toe cap, any recommendations?
  33. Zippydragon

    Can anyone recommend any injury/life insurance that covers trades?

    Hi all, Long story short but after a slight health scare got a bit panicked and want to make sure I am covered if I get injured or worse. Does anyone else use any cover
  34. Zippydragon

    What to do?!?

    I know a guy who did one of those red letter weekend plastering courses and he started advertising for work in his areA. He has loads of work in really pricey areas but can’t do it (literally) he kept getting me in on really really good money (£200-£280) a day. So I didn’t mind and just took...
  35. Zippydragon

    Code “brown” in a customers house

    Awful situation this week. On job and customer gone out. I come down with the dreaded lurgy and mid set have to get out of stilts quicker than Forrest Gump and sprint to their toilet. Well one thing leads to another and a short time later I emerge to find the customer waiting outside the door. I...
  36. Zippydragon

    Tw tool sale today selling mixer cheap

    Might be what someone wants
  37. Zippydragon

    Magnetic job finished product

    So guys I came looking for advice about magnetic a couple of weeks ago as I was changing our dining room into a safe playroom for my kids. My autistic son is obsessed with magnets so I thought I’d do a wall in magnetic and here is the finished product! Got to paint some clouds on the walls but...
  38. Zippydragon

    Can anyone recommend a good printing company?

    Guys, looking to get some polos printed up and a few extra bits for when I do quotes or work in certain areas (believe it or not but the poshies in some of the areas I work get a chubby on for a tradesman with a printed top) has anyone used anyone that they would recommend that I can deal with...
  39. Zippydragon

    Plastic trowels

    I don’t use one but what is the verdict? Thinking of getting one but which one or is it not worth it?
  40. Zippydragon

    Insulation question

    Guys is there much or any difference between cellotex and kingspan? Been to look at a job and was asked but I don’t get involved with insulation as a rule. All I can see that’s different is the price!
  41. Zippydragon


    Hi lads and ladies I could do with a bit of advice, I took part in a charity auction in December and won a set of tools. I arranged the postage with the organiser and since have not had the tools delivered and nobody at the charity is getting back to me. It’s awkward as I don’t want to chase a...
  42. Zippydragon

    Hire prices

    Hi all, was reliably informed today that the travis tool hire people in their branches have complete discretion over pricing and have no set price as such! If they can be shown a better price elsewhere on a phone they will beat it, handy if you need towers of anything and they the closest
  43. Zippydragon

    Which buckets?!?

    Hi guys , what buckets is everyone using? I’ve just bought some of the big refina tall buckets as I’m fed up with the cheap ones breaking and use a big round black bath like tub for bonding/ hardwall. I can’t get on with flexi tubs for finish. Friend recommended stadium buckets for water as once...
  44. Zippydragon

    Does anyone do domestic work in South Wales?

    Does anyone work domestic in the Swansea /South Wales area? If so what are the day rates like and is there much work about?
  45. Zippydragon

    Which angle iron(twitcher) can anyone recommend?

    Guys, I used to use a great little internal angle iron I picked up when I was an apprentice and never had an issue, it fell apart and since then can’t get one the same and can’t get on with all of the ones I’ve come across with huge “wings”. Can anyone recommend any? I know this is probably me...