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  1. graceplastering

    White wash / Skimming

    I've just been to look at a job that's papered but I've been told that the ceiling has a lime / white wash on it. The paper on the ceiling has started to come away probably due to this. Once the paper is off and before I skim it what's it best to wash it off with before hand ?
  2. graceplastering

    Rendering Courses

    Hi im just wondering if it would pay to do a rendering course as i get asked occasionally to do jobs and turn it down from not having the experience. I have my nvq level 2 solid plastering from the company i sub'd to had the assessors out and we did it that way. Ive never done rendering only a...
  3. graceplastering

    What is this,?

    Been to a job today and it was built 1970 ish. The walls are covered in this it's pink looking and very soft and chalky and some sparkle in it. I don't know if it's some lime render of some sort mixed wrong as I think it was a plumber that owned the house, so I guess he done the work himself...
  4. graceplastering

    Wicks Pva

    Hi the Last 3 jobs I've done I've had problems with the Pva either not going off even after 4 hours and it dragging or going like gum. This is then working twice as hard to get it flat. This is in a warm house and its a new tub of wicks Pva. I've just never known Pva to be that bad. I mix it...
  5. graceplastering

    Board finish / Multi finish

    Hi I do a lot of work on building sites and sometimes my own private work and I get lads taking board finish for reskim jobs they got on at weekends but i always use multi finish for them jobs but what is the difference and what happens when using board finish on Reskims.
  6. graceplastering

    Hi Every One

    Hi I'm new here thought I best say hello to you all. Been plastering since 2001 mainly only new builds as that's where I started. Been a rough through years in this game but madly enough I enjoy it. Looking forward for picking up sum good tips n tricks from you guys. Gareth - Worksop Notts...
  7. graceplastering

    Other products like bondit

    What other brands are there like thistle bond-it. I know about febond blue grit and 505 but what else is out there. Thanks I'm new here and I posted this today but can't find it anywhere.
  8. graceplastering

    Other products than unibond/thistlebond-it

    Hello new here and want some help on other brands like thistle-bondit. I know there is the febond blue grit and the same company make 505 plasterers grip coat. What other companys make similiar products to these. Unibond is ok but i some times like to use something better on certain surfaces...