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    Installers wanted

    HI bud I’m an ewi installer usually do the boarding and have a good set of lads to follow me looking for a bit of weekend work etc my number is 07889555227 bruce cheers
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    New to the forum

    Sorry just seen this its permerock
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    Ewi job

    If you don't get sorted I'm doing a lot of work in the area and only live up the road and could have a look if you don't get any joy from any of the others chaps first that is don't want to stand on anyone's toes lol thanks bruce 07889555227
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    New to the forum

    Hi because the building got a step in it the first boards at the bottom are 50mmthen it goes to 90mm
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    New to the forum

    New to The forum here's a house I boarded today down Nottingham any other boarders from Derbyshire way