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    Foil backed plasterboard.

    Need a sh*t ton of this for my loft conversion. Where's best bet to buy from and what price should I expect to pay? Cheers guys
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    Skeiling advice (with picture)

    Got this big ceiling to skim and a very fussy customer. The top of the skeiling is to be curved onto the lid so no probs but he wants the line where the skeiling meets the wall to be angled dead straight. Would you guys set a stop bead on straight before skimming?
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    Dabbing PIR plasterboard.

    Got a job d&d PIR boards, new one for me so was hoping for some advice. Is it normal procedure and anything to watch out for? and around window/door reveals is there anything to know as there will be some insulation on show, is this skimmable?
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    Any ideas on this damp issue?

    Hey guys, strange damp problem I went to see today, hoping you guys have some ideas to the cause. There's 2 patches around the lintel so my first thought was fault with the cavity tray(prob lead by age of the house). However as you can see in the first picture a patch has also appeared at...
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    Which countries plaster vs dry line?

    Just a curiosity really, in which countries is plastering still prominent? I believe dry lining is the norm in USA, Australia, I know in France newbuilds are all drylined (with shitty metal studwork!) as I've done some work there. Any one know about other countries?
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    Plaster in downlights.

    Just wondering if anyone has come across these yet? They must look the pups parts when installed, I'm moving to a new house soon and I'm going to fit some in the lounge. Looks like they have a lip that you plaster up to so they are completely recessed.
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    Shadow beads questions

    Never used them and I'm curious, what are the uses? Does anyone have any pics of work done with them?
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    Skimming damaged plasterboard.

    Skimming a dot and dabbed kitchen next week, the client has taken the tiles off along with the front of the plasterboard paper in many places. It's only back to the plaster of the board in a few small areas. Can this just be pva'd or should it be blue gritted(or similar), or anything else?
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    Those tricky little areas. . .

    Was wondering how you guys deal with those spaces and what tools you favour when you can't get a trowel into, such as small bits of wall next to a door jamb, awkward little angled areas above doors often found in loft conversions etc. I normally use flat blades that work okay, but been looking...
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    Best place to get arch beads?

    Just need a flexible bead for an arch, do you guys use plastic and where do you get them from? Only want one really as I had to buy a pack of 5 last time and the leftovers got damaged sitting in the van for so long!
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    Filling electricians chases?

    Normally I would fill with hardwall and skim the wall, got a job where the customer doesn't want the wall skimmed. Would you guys fill it with hardwall shallow and put a skim on top?
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    Boarded up doorways, avoiding hairlines?

    Had a couple of jobs where the customer has studded out and boarded a former doorway in a masonry wall. I've scrimmed the joins and skimmed the wall and have had a couple hairline crack on the join. I've also seen the same thing on jobs I haven't done, so it's not just because I'm a bodge...
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    Tax advice

    Hope this is the correct forum for this! just looking for some advice on partnerships. I've recently started working with a buddy and we are both sole traders. Now we want to operate as the same company and I'm not sure what we should set up as. i understand as an LLP you have to update...
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    Coving - non 90 degree angles?

    How do you guys do the non right angle joins?
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    Skimming over combed/fan artex.

    Will blue Grit do a job before skim as I have a spare tub? I've read WBA is good but I'm hoping not to pay out more than necessary.
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    Learning rendering advice please

    Seems like we are getting more and more calls at the moment for rendering and it's annoying to pass them on. I am fully competent with internal plastering but have only done small areas of rendering such as inside fireplaces. So how hard would it be for a plasterer to learn and how long would...
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    How long would a room take you to skim?

    Hi guys, newbie question for you. As I went straight from a course to plastering for family and friends and only recently for the general population, I have always wondered how much experienced plasterers get done in a day. So assuming you had a 3x4m room to skim over existing plaster, would...
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    Hi guys and gals

    Hi guys, I work with a buddy doing plastering and general building. I've joined for general advice and hopefully to help others. Have been plastering for about 5 years but have only gone full time about a year ago. so far so good!