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    Hairline cracks in render

    Need some advice from you guys on a sand and cement rendering job I did back in September. All Old render was removed. Rendagrip applied. Then a scratch coat at 5-1 with waterproofer then once dry a top coat of 6-1 with febmix. It has been painted with sandtex once dried. Had a call saying...
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    My turn for tennis elbow

    Hi All, So given myself tennis elbow. Tried resting from last Thursday so almost a week. Went to hardwall today and it's back to hurting again. Have a strap for the fore arm - are these any good? Any other tips to get back to it quicker?? Cheers
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    Tyrolean - lime

    Hi lads and ladies, After a quick bit of advice - I am doing tyrolean repair on an old building where a new extension meets it. The tyrolean finish on the old part has come away from the top coat And is just hanging on. On first inspection the top coat sounds and looks in good condition...
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    Bauwer finish coat - getting there

    So a picture of one of the walls I'm doing there is another one opposite so nice starting size. first coat on with mesh bedded in - second coat on and troweled once to get as flat as possible. It almost felt like I was trowelling on tile adhesive. Flattens in pretty nicely. Sponged around...
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    Multi over bauwer light?

    Has anyone tried skimming over bauwer light? Just got a small patch up repair job to do but it's needs building up to about 45mm so instead of two coats I was thinking of using bauwer light (have a bag left over from another job) as you can use that up to 50mm. Was thinking of applying it...
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    Day rates from other trades

    anybody else get annoyed when other trades ask you for your day rate? Got a bathroom fitter who wants to know my day rate" I said to him I work on price and like to see the job before just turning up" It annoys the f*ck out of me as you know there trying to get it cheaper etc! And when they...
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    Bauwer light

    So the delivery arrived today ready to try it for the first time tomorrow. Anyone else tried it yet?
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    Matching to this

    Alright lads, Just done a quote and have to try and match a new wall to this (see pic) I haven't done a texture like this before. Any ideas how to achieve it cheers
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    Rendagrip on internals?

    Now this maybe a silly question but will ask anyway. I have a small gloss painted wall to skim on Monday and forget to get a tub of blue grit at the merchants but do have some rendagrip left. Has anyone used rendagrip on internals and then skimmed over with multi? Have a good weekend!!
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    Never seen an interior wall like this before.

    Got a job coming up In a few weeks time and the customer has started to remove the blown render. He sent me this picture asking f I was expecting this? I was not haha. Any of you guys seen an interior wall like this before? I quite like it!
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    It never pulls in quick on a Saturday

    Skimming a ceiling today and want to finish early to watch the rugby and what happens? the 1st coat is hanging around for what seems like forever! hurry up!!!!! How's everyone's Saturday going?
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    Just had a text

    So just had a text - all that it said is "what is your day rate please?" I replied to this unknown number asking who this is and depends what the job is, He replied "plastering" what a useful person this is!! Just annoyed me so thought I'd share it with you all haha. Anybody else just get...
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    Worst house I have worked in!

    Me and my brother was doing a bathroom refurb last week for a bloke who drinks in our local pub. When I did the quote I knew it was dirty and whacked some extra money on top hoping he would go elsewhere! But did he f**k. After my brother stripped it all out I went in and skimmed and tiled! I've...
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    How long you booked up for???

    So abit bored watching the footy and have seen a post or maybe more about how much work people have and it got me wondering! I work in domestics only and occasionally have another guy working for me as I find people don't want to wait 4-6 weeks to have a room skimmed as they normally have...
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    Tips for The magic mix of bonding and multi

    Alright everyone. Hope all is well? I have the perfect opportunity to try the bonding in multi mix to skim over Artex walls. Just thought I'd check a couple of things after scrolling through what's been posted already to make sure I've got it right in my head. Is there any need to pva? It's...
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    Tomorrows going to be fun

    Started nice and early today, got the last two walls done in one room. Then moved onto the ceiling in another. Got first coat on then started to feel dizzy and sick. Took a breather but couldn't shift it so and to stop. Hopefully feel better for tomorrow and pva the hell out of it to get going...
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    Eml with nylon hammer fixing

    hi everyone, When I've used these hammer fixing with Eml in the past I've always used 60mm length for three coat sand and cement. Has anyone used the 40mm length ones or is this a it short? Cheers
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    End result!

    Just a follow on from one of my last posts, regarding the horrible stone wall that a customer wanted sorting. Original plan was to eml etc and then skim but couldn't get fixings so after posting on here for some other suggestion using render fibre mesh we have now finished it! So just a...
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    hi Guys Need help and to pick your brains about a wall. How would you guys go about wiring a stone wall?? Or would you bed mesh into a scratch coat? I've been trying to get the fixings in but the stones keep cracking and can't get secure fixings. It's old stone and the plan was to eml it...
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    waste of a day

    hi lads I did a quote a while back for skimming a room. When Doug the quote I tell them that the paper needs stripping or I can quote to do that. They say they will do that! The other day I turn up for the job and it's still on the bloody wall. I tell him I can't skim on top and he looks at...
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    Pick your brains

    Alright lads, hope youre all doing well. I have just looked at a job on a property where the render was done about 2 years ago. Lots of cracks all over it now and some blown. I have recommended to take it all off and start again. However the customer then says there is quite abit of movement...
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    Eml fixing

    Alright lads, I'm looking for some fixings to fit some eml sheets over removed render and cracked brickwork ( not to bad though) Where do you guys get them from or use? I've called a few people and they don't supply them just clout nails etc. Cheers in advance
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    Vote for rendering tomorrow!

    So do i render a small section tomorrow. tomorrow is dry highs of 6 at lunchtime then drops down to 3. Heavy rain next day but can cover it. Builder is desperate for me to get it on. But I'm thinking holding of until all this weather calms down abit. Opinions? I shall go with majority? Cast...
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    Sand and cement render slump

    Got asked by a builder to render a wall before they put on the slate tiles so I had somewhere to stand - quite an awkward bit of wall. Anyway, did it yesterday and what a crappy day I had. I didn't want to do it as showers were forecast and it was a really damp daybut the builder insisted as...
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    Ballsed up!! Vitcas plaster

    What a nightmare of a day, used vitcas a couple of times in the past and had to use it again today. However I f**ked it up right from the start when I slipped with the bucket and put to much water in it. It took bloody ages for it to go off! What a waste of a day! Hate the bloody stuff then...
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    Still not got round to it

    From my previous moan about weather and tryolean. i was meant to be doing it today but raining nicely so managed to swop and get some indoor work. I have said ill try again tomorrow. I have checked temps and the day time in meant to be 6 but then dropping down 0 at night. Would you boys leave...
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    Tyrolean - weather slowing me down - just a moan.

    Alright lads, how is work for everyone at the moment? anybody doing any tyrolean? I am - must be a muppet. got a tyrolean job on the go scartch and top coat done last week (took ages for it to set) ready for tyrolean this week. However just seen the forecast and it's getting a little cold...
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    Listed building

    Hi lads Good weekend? im fooked, Out of action for at least two weeks. Glass splinter in the hand had an op so now cant do F,all! Just a quick question on listed buildings Was called to do a quote on an old building, not sure if it is listed or not, but a chippy is working in there at the...
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    Beading - Hook on beads

    Hows it going lads? Have any of you guys used hook on beads? Are they any good? The company has sent me a samll sample to see, but they havent mentioned cost or anything yet.
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    Pain In the Ass customer. May screw me out of money

    This is abit of a rant and to see if this has happened to you guys. Basically got a big job on and went to have a look and we decided that we would work on a day rate. It’s about an 1.30 hour drive to this property so I reflected this into the day price. We have done 5 days so far and I...
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    gas and electric boxes

    hi guys how is everyone?hope all is well. I have been asked by a neighbour to do a little job for them. They have had an extension put on the front of there house. The gas meter and electric meter are now inside the porch. The builder who did it for some reason only plastered one of the walls...
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    render and plaster blown on old stone walls

    I have just had some work passed my way and have never done anything on old stone before so am looking forward to it, but also have many questions as don’t want to mess it up. it’s an old stone house very uneven walls. The owner of the house has stripped the wall paper, the plaster and...
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    rendering up to the window

    hey everyone on a home project and have just one more little question. think im thinking, to much on this but going to ask anyway as dont want to cock it up! Regarding rendering up to the upvc window frames is it ok to just render straight up to them and leave a nice edge or is it best to use a...
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    tyrolean matching

    hi all ive been asked to do abit of tyrolean. Im going to practice on a very small area to start with, that is out of sight.I have a few little questions. I have had a search on here and cant seem to find what im looking for. This is what i need to match up with. the rest is just house...
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    Damaged Artex Ceiling

    hey guys A family friend has asked me to repair there ceiling. i think its stipple paint (i havnt been over to have a look yet). They had a leak and in three places it has bubbled and peeled off. Is it ok to take it back so it is all solid then build up with some multi and then skim the whole...
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    hack it off or eml

    hi all rendering a wall for my friend whos just moved house have done abit before but not onto old render so thought id get a little advice! was going to hack it all off but now my friend has said to me now that he doesnt want to hack it all off and wants me to render straight onto the old...
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    How much material?

    Hey guys how is everyone? My friend has just moved house and would like his garden walls rendered. They have old render on them but it is blown and cracked so me and him are going to get all the old sh1t off first. altogether the area works out as 62m square. The area is spilt into 5...
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    downstairs ceiling

    hi guys how is everyone? a friend of mine wants me to skim his artex ceiling in his living room. Im happy to do it but just got one question. the stairwell is in the living room, should i use a stop bead on the edge of the cieling where the stairs go up or shall i just work up to the...
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    skimming walls with brick fire place

    Hi this is my second post, thanks to everyone who helped with my last one! Im slowly doing my house up and its going ok so far!:rolleyes) The next item on my list is to skim the walls in my living question is: - I have a brick fire place (not an open fire) in my living room can i...
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    Plastering a conservatory

    plasterboarding a conservatory Hi there everyone, this is my first post so here we go! I have done a plastering course and learnt a number of techniques, and can skim quite nicely now,Howvere i need to learn lots more still. I have a brick conservatory and would like it smooth, i am thinking...
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    plasterboarding a conservatory

    Hi there everyone, this is my first post so here we go! I have done a plastering course and learnt a number of techniques, and can skim quite nicely now,Howvere i need to learn lots more still. I have a brick conservatory and would like it smooth, i am thinking of doing this in a few ways...