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    Dirty Leeds team to watch
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    Need advice - is this plastering up to standard?

    Shocking job he brushed angles in with sweeping .dont pay
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    Plastic or Metal flexi trowel.

    Steel trowel all the way
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    Can I have your opinion on the plastering job please?

    That’s worst plastering I’ve seen in 20 years
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    Unhappy with plastering job - cold bridge roof to blame?

    Out of date .and so is guy who did it
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    Does this look acceptable at all?

    Don’t like slagging anyone’s work .but got to say not the best mate.get it reskimmed
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    Just blue grit it then come back next day and skim it and give them big price
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    Rend aid great then ocr does nice job mate .like guy said rendaid not cheap
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    Plaster Supply

    We’re can I get it.