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    Best plasterer in UK

    Thank you everyone for all your kind words..........finally recognition for all that I’ve done. Mum’s gonna be so proud.
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    My 2rd brick laying job

    Get it rendered
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    DIY Sonja

    Ahhhh......loafers, button down Ben Sherman, Levi 501’s, the great smell of brut, and the eternal optimism of youth........a quick look in the mirror, and ..‘.oh yeah gonna get in tonight”. Sadly, the proverb “ sometimes to travel in hope is better than to arrive” was oft’ the case. a popular...
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    Would you?

    Try to get a dental’ll have to wait. Reciprocate. The dentist is probably only going to do one refurb. The builder on the other hand............
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    Underground Room

    Stepoc blocks then dry line the interior. Or in the. States have a half basement, less dig but steps up to ground floor. But def stepoc
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    How to quantify pebble dash

    Would depend on thickness. In my experience you sweep quite a lot up. If I say “that’s the perfect amount”...........and when post that you’ve got 5 bags left...........I’ll post....”so have I
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    Pebbledash to smooth finish

    Paint each individual pebble a different colour..........set a trend!.
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    Would you do it again?.

    No. I have just got back from the chiropractor.......rotator cuff damage...........all them naffing ceilings
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    Newbie in the house !

    There were tiles!?
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    Look at this smug

    I often thought carlite finish was nicer than multi, creamier, nicer to spread, but only if not over any carlite backing plaster......odd that.
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    Alternative to a belle mixer

    Back in the day when skim was mixed with a bike cog, we would use a whisk on a drill for the last little bit, sometimes, for the last bit we’d give it a longer whisk as this tended to set it up a bit quicker. I liked to use a whisk for sand cement render when damp proofing for all the reasons...
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    songs to cheer us up

    In the spirit of lockdown.......
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    My first pint..

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    Frozen shoulder

    There’s old plasterers and bold plasterers............. not many old, bold plasterers.
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    Done first ever float coat today

    Good effort. Take time to check out bell drip. There’s lots of ‘looks’ but yours ....well.... As has been said, misting help. Bag up those it. Keep it up.
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    scratch cracked

    That scratch coat is both upside down and inside out!......couldn’t make it up....
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    Render Porn

    I really like that.........many moons ago I had a Darby just like that, and another with a magnesium blade.............
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    Anyone using these trowels?

    I’ll wait until level 6 Comes out.
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    Mardy Customer

    A wise man once said............If you buy a bottle of sauce from waitrose, you cannot expect to pay Lidl prices.
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    Rate my plastering

    That work is absolutely fabulous. Well done. Your mum will be flushed with pride. Keep it up.
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    Old plasterboard

    2 dollar whore.......mmmmmmmmmm
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    The Old Man got there first

    Stunning. Both the work and the coincidence.
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    Who rules off their render

    Same as that, but it was Douglas fir.......and for long beads, or corner profiles ( Keene’s cement)...a plumb rule! Check one one out, that’s old school.
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    Hand Problems

    Used to able to get “ gorilla grips”, or somesuch.......I used sticky bandage stuff from a chemists......worked fine.
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    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    Hibs...............”sunshine on leith” at a football match, a good song.
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    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    “Can hope for”.....grrr
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    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    @Robbo123 , we are going to have to, like gentlemen, agree to disagree. It’s allowed in democracy. My vote is as important as the next mans, and in a democracy should be upheld and supported. The best you van hope for is that after we leave come what may in a few days time, is that a motion is...
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    Who rules off their render

    240v once arced 10mm to then of my trowel..........went all the way up my arm and right down to my toes and an invisible giant threw me off a pair of steps........ I like to think I learnt something that day.
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    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    No I won’t. Of the 65 million only a percentage are eligible to vote, and of that eligible percentage only a smaller percentage could be bothered, and of that smaller percentage that could be bothered a majority won the vote. It’s not fair but it is democratic. You now hope that a greater...
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    New tools

    The future. There will be nay sayers, but to them I they remember the days of yore when you’d get out the camera to take a piccy of what you’d got for lunch, pop down to boots, get them to process the film, sift through the shite ones, badly lit, out of focus an such, before you...
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    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    I’ve been alive a long time. I was alive before Mr.Heath took us into the then Common Market, a coalition of trading agreements. I remember the ebb and flow of commerce, of businesses gradually seeing the benefits of common trading agreements. Generally everyone thought it a good thing. Then...
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    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    Magnanimous of you to agree that a greater percentage wins the vote. But 52% is unreasonable as it would require 100% turnout, as I said, unreasonable. We cannot “just not leave”, because a majority, however misinformed you think they were, voted to leave. Democracy, in your opinion might be an...
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    Breaking news

    I heard they’re gonna make them the size of carpet tiles, and as light as those polystyrene ceiling ones, so you can get more in your electric vans. No struggle, be able to chuck them about like frisbees. Yeah, that’s what I heard.
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    There’s old plasterers and there’s bold plasterers, but you’ll seldom see an old, bold plasterer.
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    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    If that is correct, and we’ll have to experience it know, there will probably be a great deal of “I told you so” from staunch remainders. And that will serve me right for having the temerity to want this country to be more autonomous. In that event, I will apologise to any remainders, eat a...
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    Who's changed there minds on Brexit

    Problem is, democracy is at stake here. Fair enough, there is more info available now as we have spent the last 36 months in constant debate. If that had been the case in the first instance, the vote turnout would have been negligible anyway. But,....we voted on the information we had, and we...
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    Vertical damp patch on brick - No one knows what it is!

    It is clear to me that a local giant has a little piddle every time he is the area looking out for naughty children to steal.
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    How do you plaster?

    I firstly bish, then bosh, only sometimes do I bash. Works for me.